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As the baby boomer generation ad-
vances into the age of normal retire-
ment, there will be a significant de-
cline in the...
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Who is The Next Generation of Leaders?


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What should be the boomer leader legacy for the succeeding generations in the workplace?

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Who is The Next Generation of Leaders?

  1. 1. As the baby boomer generation ad- vances into the age of normal retire- ment, there will be a significant de- cline in the proportion of our popula- tion in the prime working years of 15 to 64. Rick Miner, Jobs of the Future, 2012 WHO IS DEVELOPING OUR FUTURE LEADERS? THE BOOMER LEADER LEGACY Baby Boomer 1947 to 1966 Generation Y 1980 to 1995 40% 30% Generation X 1967 to 1979 Traditionalist pre 1947 25%5% 2020 Cohort sizes change 7% Generation Z post 1995 1% 20% 22% 50%  Skills gaps  Leadership gaps  Technology  Workforce age  Technical & non technical skills  expertise  leadership knowledge  global & national experience Traditionalist Boomer Generation X Generation Y Hold Boomer leaders accountable for developing new leaders Assess ability of your Boomer leaders to develop new leaders Train Boomer leaders to teach, coach and mentor new leaders Recognize Boomer leaders who effectively develop new leaders. 1. Educate Yourself  Demographic makeup of your organization  Similarities and differences of cohorts  Working and communication styles How to Get Started…. Review your potential leadership population Conduct knowledge and learner evaluation Assemble a cross functional team THEN... The Challenge? As the boomers prepare to retire and exit the workforce, this is a great opportunity for HR Experts to take on a business leadership role and develop the plan to grow the next generation of leaders. The Solution! Boomer Leader Legacy The Process 2. Build Leadership Development Strategy  Business risk assessment  Knowledge transfer requirements  Cross functional team 3. Design the BLL process  Select knowledge transfer methods  Confirm leader selection, current and new  Develop coaching and mentoring tasks  Assemble the project plan  Implement and evaluate Learning Styles Critical factor Matching Talent to Need Boomer Match to Business 905.662.5130