Generation Y is in the House


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How to bring Generation Y and Boomer cohorts together in the workplace.

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Generation Y is in the House

  1. 1. Generation Y …is in the House BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 1
  2. 2. BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 2 5% Traditionalists 25% - GenX 30% - GenY
  3. 3. BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 3 40% Boomers
  4. 4. the way We are BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 4 Boomer GenY@ 2x
  5. 5. what We want BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 5 Traditionalist Boomer Gen X Gen Y Loyalty Respect for authority Sacrifice for others Company loyalty Competition Self reliance Independence Community loyalty Equity Company goals Team & personal goals Career goals Learning and growth Relevance Company performance Personal & company performance Personal results & amount of fun Learning opportunities Speed of career movement For doing the job Reward for results, recognition for contribution Reward for outcomes Rewarded for learning and knowledge acquisition. Job security Company success Live to work. Work defines self worth and others’ worth. Live to work. Work/life balance Work to live. Lines between personal and work blurred. Pack orientation.
  6. 6. are We different? BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 6 I was visiting my son-in-law and daughter last night when I asked them if I could borrow a newspaper. “This is the 21st century, old man,” he said. “We don’t waste money on newspapers. Here, you can borrow my iPad.” I can tell you, that fly never knew what hit it…
  7. 7. are We different? BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 7 Traditionalist Boomer Gen X Gen Y Boomer – 22% Gen X – 28% Gen Y – 27%
  8. 8. why We clash BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 8 They need to understand that we have a lot of experience, that we have knowledge.
  9. 9. What can You do? BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 9 Play to their strengths… • Their goals and needs • What they need to achieve • Their interests
  10. 10. Research Educate to Learn BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 10 Digital Immigrants Digital Natives
  11. 11. Your Brand Market and Sell • online and off line • focus your search • think about your customer BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 11
  12. 12. Your Brand Communicate but… Mind your & ‘s BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 12
  13. 13. The Next Generation BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 13 • Future skills • Leadership competency • Social technical mentoring
  14. 14. Generation Y …is in the House BM2B-MatchingTalenttoNeed 14