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Getting to Emory from Agnes Scott on the Cliff Bus


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Step by step instructions on how to take the Cliff Bus to Emory from Agnes Scott.

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Getting to Emory from Agnes Scott on the Cliff Bus

  1. 1. Robert W. Woodruff Library Emory University A Directional Guide for Agnes Scott Students Part 1: How to Get There
  2. 2. How To Get There
  3. 3. •The Best and easiest way to get to the Woodruff Library when you don’t have a car is the Cliff Bus. – This is a shuttle (FREE TO RIDE) provided by Emory to help their students travel safely around Decatur, but you don’t have to be a student to ride. •There are many cliff busses that run around different parts of Decatur. •The shuttle that gets you from Agnes to Emory is the one on the CCTMA route. Take the Shuttle
  4. 4. CCTMA sportation/cliff/CCTMA_route.html •Here is a schedule of the times that the cliff bus on the CCTMA route runs. •The shuttle will pick you up from the bus loading area of the MARTA station - For those of you who don’t know, that area is located on the back side of the MARTA station. To get there, instead of entering the front of the station, you simply go above the station onto the square, walk straight past the Gazebo, and follow the sidewalk until you come to the circular drive where the busses are. Gazebo
  5. 5. CCTMA • Now the shuttle is run by nice people, but those nice people have a schedule to keep so try to be on time. If you miss the shuttle, you will have to either catch it at another stop, or wait for the next one. • Lucky you, I have been told about a mobile site that helps you track the Cliff bus in real time! - • Just type URL into your phone’s web browser and choose the CCTMA link. This will show you a map of the shuttle’s route and where it is at that moment.
  6. 6. Where is your stop? •Once you’re on the shuttle, relax. If you have a music player, take the time to listen to your top three favorite songs (that is about how long it will take to get to Emory). •Your stop will be on Clifton Road (the first road that the bus will turn on after North Decatur Road. - For those of you who are directionally challenged like myself and have to count the turns, it goes as follows: *From the Marta Station (located on Swanton Way) 1. Right onto Commerce Dr. 2. Right onto W Ponce De Leon Ave. 3. Left onto Clairemont Ave. 4. Left onto N Decatur Rd. 5. Right onto Clifton Rd. •As soon as the bus turns onto Clifton Road, feel free to pull the yellow cord if a stop has not already been requested. Your bus stop is the very first one on Clifton.
  7. 7. •When you exit the bus, walk up to the next crosswalk and across the street you will see a marker for Fishburne Drive. The building directly behind that sign is the Library. YOU’RE ALMOST THERE! Cross the street and continue down until the next crosswalk (on your right) and cross that street (the name of the street is Ashbury Circle). You will now be walking with the Library on your left and you should start seeing signs that direct you to the main entrance of the Library.
  8. 8. Just in case that last slide confused you, don’t worry. When you cross the street from the bus stop, take a second to look over this Campus Directory conveniently located for the lost soul. Find the “You are here” sticker and map your own route to the library. But remember, you are looking for the main entrance.
  9. 9. If you are still following my directions (walking on Ashbury Circle with the Library on your left) then you should see the sign from picture 3 pointing towards a circular courtyard (picture 2). The main entrance (picture 1) is located inside that courtyard to the left. Congratulations. YOU MADE IT!! Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
  10. 10. Review!!! 1. Walk from Agnes to the bus loading area of the MARTA station 2. Ride the Cliff bus to Emory and exit at the Clifton Road bus stop. 3. Cross the street onto Fishburne drive and walk down to the next cross walk 4. Cross that street (Ashbury Circle) and walk (with the library on your left) until you see the sign pointing to the Main Entrance of the Library. 5. Congratulations, you made it.
  11. 11. Brought To you by: McCain Library Created & Researched by Thelsea Scott ‘14