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Visitor Guide to Emory Library


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Thelsea Scott '14 from Agnes Scott College created this slide presentation to help students, faculty and staff who may need to visit Emory to borrow a book or use a database quickly orient themselves to the layout, rules, and services of Emory Library.

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Visitor Guide to Emory Library

  1. 1. Robert W. Woodruff Library Emory University A Directional Guide for Agnes Scott Students Part 2: After You Get There
  2. 2. After You Get There •The same rule that applies at our library applies here. Guests must sign in at the desk.
  3. 3. A couple of ground rules… •Please be respectful of the library’s policies! Signs are posted around the building warning you of food policies, quiet floors, etc. •It is not advised that you leave your belongings lying around.
  4. 4. Help •There is a very friendly staff of Librarians posted just a few steps from the entrance. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. •Just like at our reference desk, you can find an answer to any type of question here. - “Where is the restroom” - “How do I find this book?” - “How do I get to this floor?” - “What computers can I use?” - “How do I find the Tower elevator?” - “How do I get to the media library?” - “Where can I check out these books?” - “Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera?”
  5. 5. Finding Your Way •Out of the three times I’ve visited the Woodruff Library, I’ve gotten lost at least seven times! The best advice I can give you is to just follow the signs, ask a lot of questions, and give yourself time to get a little lost. •The books are located on the tower levels 4 – 10. -There are multiple stairwells and they all lead to different places. The easiest way to get to the books is to take the tower elevator and just follow the guide that’s inside.
  6. 6. Computer Accessibility •Every floor has a computer stand that can be used to search through the library’s catalog. •The library has two desk computers that allow seated guest access with a 30 minute time limit. These can be found on level 2 (just past the librarian’s help desk). •Their wifi has guest access, so you can also bring your laptop.
  7. 7. Finding Books •First things first. Yes it is true their book shelves move! Not quite Harry Potter, but remarkable nonetheless. •Once you have the call number for the book that you need and you’ve gone to the right floor to find it, you simply find the shelf that your book should be filed on and (if it’s not open) press the green arrow corresponding to the direction that you would like the shelf to open in.
  8. 8. Finding Books Cont. •Their books are filed using the Library of Congress system which is the same as ours so you should already be familiar with how to search for the books. •Note that not all of the books have a little sticker with the call number on it. Some of them actually have the number etched into the binding. If you think you don’t see the call number you’re looking for, search again and make sure you’re not overlooking it.
  9. 9. The Music & Media Library •If you haven’t noticed, no food or drink is allowed in the Music & Media Library. Please respect this policy. It was made for a reason. •Unfortunately, guests cannot check out media items, but you can use them inside the library. There are many carrels set up for use with DVD’s, VHS, CD’s, cassette tapes, etc. •Note that these carrels are all public, so you will have to use headphones.
  10. 10. MARBL •While you’re in the Library, take a minute to visit the tenth floor for a little bit of history and a great view. •MARBL (pronounced as “marble”) stands for Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library.
  11. 11. Review •Sign in at the desk •Respect library policies •Ask for help if you need it •Pay special attention to the signs (they are your friends) •Visit the 10th floor
  12. 12. Brought To you by: McCain Library Created & Researched by Thelsea Scott ‘14