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Workshop 2 presentation, Sem



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Workshop 2 presentation, Sem

  1. 1. Preparation for design workshop Books Discovered Once Again Idunn Sem | EngageLab | Stiftelsen Arkivet Kristiansand | 20.05.2015
  2. 2. •  how to promote the project activities for the general and professional public •  how to open the network between Czech and Norway professionals •  first ideas, how to realize the virtual exhibition and web presentation mapping the history of the documents stolen during WWII •  first ideas about the seminars for general audience •  promotional activities of the project Preparation for design workshop
  3. 3. Preparation for design workshop BOOKS DISCOVERED ONCE AGAIN MILESTONES VERSION FEBRUARY2015-02-13 9th FEBRUARY 2015 WORKSHOP 1 PRAHA • Division of Labor • Planning • Admin 1st MARCH FIRST VERSION OF PROJECT WEBSITE NL PROVIDES EXAMPLES OF DATA • Both technical refs and introduction to cataloging practices 20th MAY WORKSHOP 2 NORWAY • Revisit project web site & social media experiments and practice • Revisit internal information flow • Design workshop promotion • Research status • Design workshop Virtual Museum 1st OCTOBER DEADLINE BODY OF KNOWLEDGE FOR VIRTUAL MUSEUM (NL) 1st NOVEMBER FIRST VERSION OF VIRTUAL MUSEUM (NO) WORKSHOP 3 NORWAY 15st NOVEMBER VIRTUAL MUSEUM (No) TESTED 1st of DECEMBER VIRTUAL MUSEUM (No) REDESIGNED (CONTENT + INTERFACE) WORKSHOP 3 PRAHA 15th of JANUARY VIRTUAL MUSEUM TEXTS TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH 15th of FEBRUARY VIRTUAL MUSEUM TEXTS PUBLISHED FIRST HALF OF MARCH PROJECT WEB SITE / VIRTUAL EXHIBIT SUMMARY WORKSHOP 1, 9 & 10 FEBRUARY, PRAHA POJECT WEBSITE • The National Library is responsible for the Project Website and has the last call. Stiftelsen Arkivet provide consultancy. • The Project Website is targeting both EEA, as well as professional and general public. • Content is provided by the National Library. Stiftelsen Arkivet provide consultancy. • The Project Website should work well across platforms (mobile/tablets/desktop). • The Project Website should be available in both English , and Czeck • Dynamic content (blog) will be mirrored in English, and Czech. Social media use (Facebook) will be limited to postings on the NL facebook page, and then only in Czech. In the Norwegian project website we will may make use of English dynamic content (blog) and social media in a hybride of english/norwegian. • Everyone should chip in with good web sites and & styles references ahead of Workshop 2. In general we aim for a contemporary style based om Helvetica /Helvetica Neue + black/white/gray/one fresh color. NL has, for various reasons, already finalised its logo and style ahead of the workshop. The consequence of this is that SA can not be limited to the style chose solely by NL. • The project website needs to include a menulink at top level to the Virtual Exhibit (see sketch). • The project website needs to emphasise “why” this is important and revisit its term “Interesting Facts” to better represent its content – blog that aims to make the project transparent both in regards to the research (history) and its practice (catalogisation). • In addition to the largest social media community in Check Republic – Facebook, NL will experiment with including Twitter in order to target the professional community. Thomas will be responsible for the English only Books Discovered Once Again account and experimentation on Twitter. VIRTUAL WEBSITE • Stiftelsen Arkivet is responsible for the Virtual Exhibit and has the last call. • The Virtual Exhibit is targeting the general public. • Content is provided by Stiftelsen Arkivet. The National Library provides body of knowledge about the collection and phenomena • The Virtual Exhibit should work well across platforms (mobile/tablets/desktop). • The Virtual Exhibit should be available in both English and Norwegian.
  4. 4. Preparation for design workshop
  5. 5. Preparation for design workshop Books discovered once again •  Catalogue the collection •  Research (phenomena /law) •  Communicate
  6. 6. Preparation for design workshop Stiftelsen Arkivets Outcomes •  promote the project activities for the general and professional public •  “It should be interesting, cool, fancy and fresh” •  open the network between Czech and Norway professionals •  Extend our own, and the general publics, knowledge of confiscation as phenomena •  Project is situated in the established field of knowledge “sencorship” at SA, but we want to extend our knowledge to include international aspects •  Explore virtual exhibit as means for communicating history •  Learn from and collaborate with another institution
  7. 7. Preparation for design workshop Virtual Exhibit? Prioritize! 1.a) Novel in regards to the format “virtual exhibit” (cool, fancy and fresh)? 1.b) Traditional in regards to what visitors might expect? 2.a) Should primarily trigger interest? 2.b)Should primarily share knowledge? 3.a) … about the phenomena “confiscation” of books during 2nd ww.? 3.b) … about the ongoing project as a cataloguing project? 3.c) … about the ongoing project as research in progress? 4.a) All information is quality assured? 4.b) Information can be not conclusive – invite for reflection? 5. Robust – technical solution should last for a) … 3 years? b) … 5 years? c) … 10 years? Other aims that needs to be highlighted? e.g. Reach professionals and general public through “viral” communication? •  new way of communicating suitable for sharing on social media •  new finding/new aspects/surprises the audience e.g. Emphasize Czeck /Norwegian comparisons –similarities/dissimilarities? e.g. Virtual exhibit should be media rich and make use of display rather than demand extensive reading
  8. 8. Preparation for design workshop What stories to tell? Content Virtual Exhibit
  9. 9. Preparation for design workshop macro level stories •  The phenomena confiscated books. (Does the concepts “confiscation”, “censorship” and “plundering” map the different types of books in our 12.000 collection?) •  Milestones related to the story of the collection up until todays ongoing cataloging project? (timeline) •  Milestones related to the story of confiscation in Norway? (timeline) •  Why did the collection of confiscated books during 2nd ww end up in Check republic? •  What happened to confiscated books after 2nd ww? Comparative analysis Norway /Check history of books. •  Similarities/dissimilarities between books and other fields of culture (movies, music, art)? •  Interesting findings from the ongoing research •  Overview of the 12.000 books (types, origin) micro level stories •  Are there cases of internationally known books confiscated because of their content both in Norway and found in the collection? Anti nazi ideology? Freemasonic books? •  Particular interesting examples of •  Books •  People (e.g. Josef Sheybal) •  Groups (librarians, freemasons) •  Institutions (Rjukan library, Freemasonic librarys) metalevel •  The Books discovered once again project is an interesting example of 2nd ww history in the making – little research has been don on this topice and we are just in the beginning of a longer process. We are able to document some findings, but perhaps mostly make hypothesis, and trigger debate in the professional community. •  Documenting the archival process –criteria of selection, cleaning, harvesting, cataloging, digitalizing, communicating… others?