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Promotion and PR activities



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Promotion and PR activities

  1. 1. Promotion and PR activities Books Discovered Once Again Jana Rumanová, National Library of the Czech Republic Kristiansand, 20.5.2015
  2. 2. • Logo creation, till final version • FB page of NL, web • Publicity • Promotion objects • Burocracy, administration stuffs Draft
  3. 3. LOGO • Hand glass version • not suitable for the web, small, not visible properly • Evoking a „detective novel“ • English version is longer, not looking good
  4. 4. LOGO II • „Text“ logo • The same problem with the English text, not representing deeper style of research
  5. 5. Final LOGO III
  6. 6. Web and FB profile of NL
  7. 7. Publicity
  8. 8. Publicity II • Ikaros – electronic journal about information Society • Čtenář (Reader) – magazine of the Central Bhoemian Research Library in Kladno • Librarian calendar • News posted on CEDR
  9. 9. Promotion´s objects • For guests of the final seminar (cca 50) • Bookmark, book for notes, textile bag, real oldstyle stamp, smallhand mirrow • What else • What are budget possibilities?
  10. 10. Burocracy • Guideline for receivers, provided by G+ • Stamps? ("Financed by the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014„) • Labels, we are waiting for them, MF should provide them • English version of WEB, translation • Personal cost could be paid after the April 2016
  11. 11. Burocracy Costs on your part of the budget • What we need? List of accounting documents, invoices, bills and then a bank statement that it was payed • And timesheets for personal costs • What about period of sending this material? It was agreed every two month, how to share them • (Konventor of currencies: _contracts/inforeuro/inforeuro_en.cfm) • Update of public procurement plan
  12. 12. Update of public procurement plan • About the rules of chosing the supplier 1) Commission within last 12 month upto 199 999 CZK (cca 64 000 NOK) without VAT, it is recommended to look at least at two offers via web check the price, via email (but it is just a recommendation), keep the documentation for the project purpose. The commission has to be documented by the order and the invoice. 2) 200 000 - 499 999 CZK (cca 64 000 NOK - 159 000 NOK) without VAT. We have to check the prices, information etc. at least at thee suppliers, and our final choice has to be deeply described, these documentations we have to keep for the project purpose. The commission has to be documented by the order and the invoice. 3) More than 500 000 CZK - other rules, but we don´t have anything to buy in our budget in such a price.