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Introduction of the project "Books Discovered Once Again"

  1. First Project Workshop Books Discovered Once Again Introduction of the project First Project Workshop Books Discovered Once Again Introduction of the project Tomas Foltyn, National Library of the Czech Republic Prague, 9. 2. 2015 Tomas Foltyn, National Library of the Czech Republic Prague, 9. 2. 2015
  2. Ground information:  Knihy znovu nalezené x Books Discovered Once Again  Programme: Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art  Programme Area 16 „Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage“  Schedule: 01/01/2015 – 30/4/2016  Responsible Person: Mgr. Tomas Foltyn Introduction of the project
  3. Ground information:  Budget Allocation: 13 184 823,- CZK / 475 000 EUR  80% project funding  20% support of the Ministry of Culture  National Library of the Czech Republic  6 775 626 CZK / 244 000 EUR  Stiftelsen Arkivet  6 409 197 CZK / 231 000 EUR Introduction of the project
  4. Motivation for project proposing:  national research project Virtual Deposit Library  external repository in Neratovice  unknown period in the history of NL CR and Czech Republic  none systematic research in the project area so far  act of interdisciplinarity = archival research  lack of time and staff power to fix it in in-house mode Introduction of the project
  5. Everyday life in the library connection:  cataloging of the documents, which are not available  library items units creation  documentation  mapping and the ownership detection  evidence – based on valid standardization  safety and pernament deposition Introduction of the project
  6. Everyday life in the library connection:  physical condition revision  digitization  presentation x usability  library employees  proffesionals  general public Introduction of the project
  7. Project description:  National Library role in the past:  central institution for book acquisition and depositing from various sources  closed monasteries  closed institutions  arrested persons  WWII confiscated documents  many problems:  no evidence, not known structure, content and legal aspect  to find information about them is crucial Introduction of the project
  8. Project description:  historical context  proof of evidence of original owners  illustration of the war affairs and the way of culture heritage employment (not only the war but also after war events)  illustration of the government systems and the way of its thinking  all the made research activities only partial relevance  none complex interdiscplinary activity Introduction of the project
  9. Project description:  many various documents which can be covered in frame of the project all around the Czech republic  Free Masonic collection  „Nazi books“ = books stolen from former owners by Nazis and brought to Czechoslovakia  1 500 000 volumes… / 12 000 volumes  documents stored in so-called Reserve Collections  no Hebraica Introduction of the project
  10. External Relations:  Ministry of Culture Library Policy 2011-2015  Permanent preservation of the printed collections policy  identification  cataloging  registration  standardization  preservation  mapping of previously compacted units that are scattered in various library collections now Introduction of the project
  11. Project Aims:  4 key activities / goals  Acces to the confiscated and brought library documents  Mapping of the history and context of confiscated and reallocated books in the Czech Republic  Assessing of their legal status  Project results presentation Introduction of the project
  12. I) Access to the documents:  NL CR responsibility  description of work:  proces at least 12 000 volumes of confiscated/brought books in compliance with valid standardization and internal rules (rough estimation – provenance signs)  books identification  transport and cleaning  cataloging and units processing  provenance signs documentation (digitization and record to the library catalogue)  digitization and physical preservation Introduction of the project
  13. II) Archival, historical and context research:  NL CR responsibility  description of work:  survey in archives and literature  important archival documents scanning (to involved it to the web portal)  put provenance signs into the broader context  find the information about the book transfers  get the historical and geographic context  share the information with Norwegian proffesionals  create the proffesional monograph, website and exhibition about the topis Introduction of the project
  14. III) Legal Aspects Validation:  NL CR responsibility  description of work:  legal status of confiscated books evaluation  mapping of the former owners  legalization of the documents by NL CR  cooperation with the external legal company Introduction of the project
  15. IV) Presentation of the project results and PR:  Stiftelsen Arkivet / NL CR responsibility  description of work:  proffesional monograph, study compilation or longer research paper about the topic  physical and virtual exhibition creation  organization of two seminars or workshop for the interested audience  meetings with university or high school students with the topic  project web page creation Introduction of the project
  16. General Project Schedule: Introduction of the project Activity From To I)Cataloging 15/1/2015 30/4/2016 II) Mapping the context 15/1/2015 30/4/2016 III)Legal aspects evaluation 1/6/2015 31/12/2015 IV)Presentation 1/9/2015 30/4/2016
  17. Mandatory results/outputs of the project:  results / outputs  Results: 1) Create at least 12 000 records of confiscated books (availability in library catalogue) 2) Legal experts report (published via web) 3) Web portal creation (availability via internet) 4) Archival and historical research (information on via web, research results publishing) Introduction of the project
  18. Mandatory results of the project:  Outputs – „We have to…“: 1) To organize 2 large proffesional seminars and 4 internal project meetings 2) To create the project web portal 3) To proces at least 12 000 records from Reserve collection with the direct relationship with confiscated of brought books Introduction of the project
  19. Mandatory results of the project:  Outputs – „We have to…“: 4) To manage the creation of the legal expert report 5) To create the physical and virtual exhibition 6) To realize the consistent archival and historical research and to create the monograph, exhibition catalogue or longer paper about the project results Introduction of the project
  20. Project Staff:  National Library of Czech Republic  8,5 staff  5 cataloging and units creation  1 project management  1 archival research  1 books cleaning  0,5 web creation  11 internal employees  researchers  IT staff  accounting and economical staff  HR  budget for external employees Introduction of the project
  21. Project Staff:  Stiftelsen Arkivet  1,5 staff  1 project management  0,5 web creation  budget allocation for auditor Introduction of the project
  22. What is done…:  project was submitted in April 2014 and approved in November 2015  negotiations with Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Finance  Partnership Agreement signed  some minor changes in the budget allocation made – necessary for final approval by Ministry of Culture  Decission about cost confirmation – Dezember 2014  till now (Friday) we were waiting for the final approval of the Deputy Director and for the legal frame confirmation  waiting for the budget allocation… Introduction of the project
  23. That´s all for the beginning… Thank you very much for your attention! Introduction of the project Now is the time for coffee break:o)