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Introduction of National Library

  1. National Library of the Czech Republic Introduction 9. – 10. 2. 2015 BOOK DISCOVERED ONCE AGAIN
  2. Klementinum
  3. Central depository
  4. And depository in Neratovice!
  5. History • 11th century first records attesting the existence of St. Clement's Chapel • 1556 Jesuits came to Bohemia and built a college upon the ruins of the Dominican monastery - Klementinum • 1622 from now the Charles University is administered by Jesuits who transfer the Charles University libraries to Klementinum • 1773 Jesuits leave Klementinum • 1777 the empress Mary Theresa - the title of Imperial-Royal Public and University Library, open to the public
  6. History •1781 K. R. Ungar founds the National Library (Bibliotheca nationalis) • 1782 since now the Prague printers hand in a legal deposit copy to the library • 1807 the duty of legal deposit copy is extended to cover all Czech printers • 1935 the library is renamed to National and University Library
  7. History • 1939 after the closure of Czech universities and colleges, it continues under the name of Municipal and University Library • 1958 all large Prague libraries are merged into a single centralized one with the name of State Library of the Czech Republic • 1990 the library is renamed - the National Library • 1996 Central Depository in Hostivař • 2012 National Digital Library • 2014 New Central Depository in Hostivař
  8. Collections in the National Library 2 legal deposit copies National archival collection - the most important collection in the Czech Republic – large completeness - books are lent in the building – only if it is necessary (Central depository) Universal library collection - books are lent only in the building, but very often (Klementinum)
  9. Collections in the National Library Study collection - books are lent outside the building Manuscripts and early printed books - historical book collections from the beginnings of the literature up to 1800 - the rarest book: - The Original Codex of Vyšehrad - It is the oldest manuscript document related to the Czech environment by the circumstances of its origin that was the    coronation of Prince Vratislav II the frst    King of Bohemia in 1086   
  10. Collections preservation • monitoring climate parameters and cleanliness of depositories for library collections storage • individual and mass conservation and restoration of library collections • bookbinding and other preservation activities
  11. Collections preservation • mass deacidification of library collections – in Germany
  12. Digital Library – Kramerius • includes several million digitised pages of monographs and periodicals from the collections of the National Library of the CR, which have been digitised within the National Digital Library Project • the Digital Library also contains documents digitised within the previous projects and accessed in the lower version of Kramerius 3
  13. Digital Library – Manuscriptorium • access to all existing digital documents in the sphere of historic book resources (manuscripts, incunabula, early printed books, maps, charters and other types of documents)
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