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Historical research

  2. The Munich Agreement •30th Semptember 1938 •Germany + Italy+ France + United Kingdom •Hitler + Mussolini + Daladier + Chamberlain
  3. The map after M. A.
  4. Protectorate of the Reich
  5. After WWII •which political system •what to do with Germany, Hungarian and collaborates •5th April 1945 in Košice (Slovakia) Government Program •citizenship, punishment criminals from time of oppression, property of traitors and confiscation of property, land reform, … •Presidential Decrees •Národní shromáždění (Parliament) – 28th October 1945
  6. What to do with Germans after war? •expulsions •property confiscation •punishment •presidential decrees
  7. Presidential Decrees •no. 12/1945 coll. - allocation of agricultural property •no. 108/1945 coll. - confiscation property of enemies •Act no. 137/1946 coll. – National Cultural Comittee
  8. Archival Research •National Archives of Czech republic •Archive of National Library •Archive in Česká Lípa •Archive of Security Forces •Archive of Foreign Office
  9. •National People´s Committee in Prague » commission to National Library to confiscation book in Bohemia •after 108/1945 coll. - National Renewal Fund – great problem – sales abroad •after 137/1946 coll. – National Cultural Committee
  10. Confiscated Books •imported from Germany (looted in whole Europe) – castles Nový Bernštejn, Houska, Mimoň, Nový Falkenburk •confiscated from Germans, Hungarians and collaborators •? gifts •? personal libraries after 1948 •? monastic libraries after 1950
  11. Main problem •no lists describing confiscated books
  12. Thank you for your attention!