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Julene's initial developments 4th april


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Julene's initial developments 4th april

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION•Why am I here?•What is the purpose of this presentation?•The guidelines.
  3. 3. MISSION STATEMENT“Books Abroad promotes literacy, education andunderstanding, which provide the means of a sustainableescape route from the plight of poverty. We recycle usedbooks by sending them to schools and other institutionsin developing countries. We should aspire to meet theworldwide demand for recycled books, whilst maintaininga quality level of service.”
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES/ VISION•Refresh the website.•Establish an online presence.•Create a range of presentations.•Create rich media.•Establish suitable consistency within the print media.•Raise local awareness.•Work towards the potential of marketing specific “products”.•Determine potential avenues for collaboration.•Enhance our reputation as a transparent, green charity whomaintains low overheads.•Bring the brand identity of Books Abroad to life through itsdesign and imagery as well as social media presence.•Look to 25th anniversary achievements as inspiration.
  5. 5. COMPETITIONNation/Worldwide Popular CharitiesOxfam (second hand books), Rspca, Greenpeace, Marie CurieCancer Research UK, UNICEF etc.National RelatedComputers for Africa/ Computers to Africa/ Computer Aid InternationalThrive Africa UKBook Aid International (UK)Room to read (Europe)National Literacy Trust (UK)TEABAG (UK)The Book Bus (UK)READ International (UK)LocalMary’s Meals
  6. 6. CURRENT TRENDS•Current economic climate.•Online donation growth.•Idea of a “story”, think of “Compare the Meerkat”.•Marketing in general - shift from a “top down approach” tothe idea of consumer generated content (word of mouth,conversation).
  7. 7. CHALLENGESSome of the challenges we may face:•Pulling everything together early enough.•Finding a suitable team to maintain the online presence(blog, facebook, twitter, flickr, linkedin.)•Sticking to guidelines for quick fix promotional materials.•Sticking to aspirations of collaborations with localinstitutions, schools etc.•Maintaining donor loyalty.
  8. 8. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSFor the website which questions are asked often, i.e:•How do we send items abroad?•Are you affiliated with a religious or governmentorganization?•Why should I support this organization when there arepeople in need in my own country?•How do I stay updated on the work Books Abroad isdoing?•How can my school partner with you to help promote yourwork?
  9. 9. VISUAL IDENTITY•Fonts•Colour palette•Slogan•Logo•Imagery•Copy/tone of voice
  13. 13. COLOUR PALETTE•Basic colours – “certain nationalisms, beliefs or messages”•Quiet colours – “sense of calmness or nostalgia”•Muted colours – “austerity and tradition”•Culture – “neo-indigenous look”•Natural colours – “no-nonsense, or “earthy” presentation”•Accent colours – “call attention to a particular element”
  14. 14. SLOGAN “A v ia ting p o v e rty thro ug h e d uc a tio n” lle
  15. 15. LOGOHistory of Books Abroad LogoBefore the days of structured alphabets, early man used simplestone carvings to portray images and signs to represent thesounds they made to communicate with each other. Similardrawings, later developed by the Phoenicians around 1200BC,were called “Pictographs” or “Pictograms” and consisted of thethings around them, such as people, animals, tools and water.The symbols below show the evolution of the Pictogram for“Ox” into the Phoenician “aleph” and later into the Greek“alpha”. The formation of our word “alphabet” comes from ahybrid of the Greek “alpha” and “beta”, whose origin was foundin the early pictogram for house.Early symbol for "ox“ Phoenician "aleph“ Greek “alpha”
  16. 16. IMAGERY
  17. 17. Other Inspiration
  18. 18. COPY/ TONECurrently quite formal at times and gearedmore towards one client - the trusts.Quite a difference between the general toneand the blog.Need to cater for different users.
  19. 19. MARKETING CHANNELS•Website•Rich Media•Social Media•Print•PR•Events•Presentations•Potential Collaborations•Word of Mouth•Customer Relationship Management
  20. 20. WEBSITEThings I’d like to see on the website: •Social Media mentions •Twitter Feed/ More emphasis on blog feed. •Video to tell our story. •Infographic to explain the journey of our books. •More suitable content layout for ease of access for different groups. •Consistent “Donate here button”/ more emphasis on call for action.
  21. 21. WEBSITE •Calendar of events •Pinned world map •Meet the trustees/ volunteers •More emphasis on our photos •FAQs •Downloadable fundraising materials – posters/ sponsor sheets etc. •“Book quote of the week” •“Find/Gem of the week”
  22. 22. RICH MEDIA egs
  23. 23. RICH MEDIAThe Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011)!Countdown to rhino extinction? You Own Stuff Made By Slaves? Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us. Book Effect - Read International Africa UK _ Millennium Development Goals Charity: The Education and Book Appeal: Ghana of Room to Reads 10,000th Library, Pokhara, Nepal
  24. 24. SOCIAL MEDIA”INFORMATION FLOWS MUST BE REAL TIME NOT BATCH TIME” •Online Presence, conversation, consumer generated content, referral. •Platforms: •Blog •Facebook •Twitter •Flickr •Linkedin •Youtube
  25. 25. PRINT•Consistency throughout the website and all printmaterials.•Refresh the brochure.•Posters•Business cards?•Flyers•Downloadable sponsor sheets?•Accessible files and suggestions for new print materials.
  26. 26. PRFurther use of local resources.Bring out all publication mentions from storage and liston the website.Look at collaborations to build awareness.
  27. 27. EVENTS•Calendar•Special days and weeks throughout the year i.e. pancake day•Local events ie: •Lumsden Primary Literacy Week •Garden Open •Rhynie Gala •Lonach Games •Huntly Hairst
  28. 28. PRESENTATIONS - SLIDESHARE“SlideShare is the worlds largest community forsharing presentations. With 60 million monthlyvisitors and 130 million pageviews, it is amongst themost visited 200 websites in the world. Besidespresentations, SlideShare also supports documents,PDFs, videos and webinars.”
  29. 29. POTENTIAL COLLABORATIONS•Schools•Universities•Rotaries•Other Similar Organisations
  30. 30. WORD OF MOUTH•For every 1 they tell 20.•Links in with social media/ online presence.•Encourage this for local events also.•Getting the schools involved for every 1 childthey will tell parents and other familymembers.
  31. 31. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENTWe still need to “keep ‘em sweet”.“Books must be in good condition i.e. no broken spines ormended with tape, where applicable not older than approxten years.”
  32. 32. STORIES
  33. 33. PRODUCTS•5 pounds for 8 books•25 pounds for 8kg•1 palette 2000 pounds•Sponsor a school•Trips•Etc etc
  34. 34. MAINTAINING MARKETING STRATEGY•All preparations must be considered in advance.•A suitable team should be elected.•Training will be given.•Effort must be taken not to stick with what is comfortableand slowly allow development to take place.
  35. 35. MY QUESTIONS•Logo refresh?•Prospect of a fundraising committee?•Prospect of collaboration suggestions?•Footage from Steve?•Access to presentations given by current trustees?•Products?•City names within each country for map - too many?•Can I buy the calendar for the meeting room?
  36. 36. THANK YOU