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Flexibility & Freedom: Working With The BookingSync API


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Since BookingSync was created, we’ve always wanted to work hand-in-hand with our partners and clients, by bringing them efficient, flexibility & freedom solutions. As our programming interface is open, each one of our clients and partners can create their own complementary tools to answer their own needs.

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Flexibility & Freedom: Working With The BookingSync API

  1. 1. The BookingSync API PRESENTATION
  2. 2. The BookingSync Vision INTRO BookingSync is more than just a vacation rental software. At BookingSync, we share the idea that together, we can help the vacation rental industry grow. We created an open Application Programming Interface (API) for each of our clients to be able to create its own complementary tools, adapted to its own needs. Owners, travelers, teams app, or vacation rentals stats app… You can collect the data from our platform and use them to match your needs. Thanks to a constant innovation and ever-daring challenges, our solution becomes more complete each day.
  3. 3. What’s an API? ABOUT BOOKINGSYNC API is the acronym of Application Programming Interface. Wikipedia defines it as a “set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software.” But what is it, in concrete terms? This means an API makes developing your own BookingSync-connected program easier. Several of our clients are already enjoying our API, helping them in their daily vacation rental business! We’ve listed here the reasons why we decided to create such an interface, and how you can make the most of it too, for your activity.
  4. 4. What are the benefits of an API? How can it help you? ABOUT BOOKINGSYNC An API helps along and increases data exchange between a company and its clients or partners. 4 key-benefits can be pointed out: ● Data exchanges securing & controlling ● Usage optimisation & development ● Information exchange automation ● Specific features implementation According to a study, 83% of French companies noticed an improvement of the user experience after implementing an API! It also allows you to: ● Increase the digital services reach ● Benefit from third-party developers’ innovations ● Improve profits
  5. 5. How you used our API to build your own tools OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS & API USERS Luckey Homes “Thanks to BookingSync’s API (Application Programming Interface), we can push some of our features and processes further. An app is at the owners’ disposal, allowing them to manage their properties on their own: blocking the calendar, following their revenue and exchanging with their account manager by chat. It helped us develop the 1st Host mobile app, offering a great transparency over Airbnb,, HomeAway… bookings”
  6. 6. How you used our API to build your own tools OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS & API USERS Rental Ninja “As property managers, we first chose BookingSync as it offered an API which we could customise. Rental Ninja couldn’t have been created without BookingSync’s open interface, which helps us for anything that happens, in real time: notifications, cancellations, payments… An API is very helpful when creating a product. The BookingSync Team is always available on Slack, ready to help and fix. It could be scary for some developers to be integrated in such an API but the team is very nice. I encourage people to join their API!”
  7. 7. How you used our API to build your own tools OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS & API USERS BnbLord “The API helps us manage our internal logistics: tasks planning, cleaning, check- ins, inventory, pictures & descriptions sync… We’ve also created our own pricing algorithm. The API also allowed us to extend the BookingSync Owners App. We created our own app and provided owners with an access to a great number of information: confirmed bookings, blocked dates, pricing, invoices sent… Our owners maintain control over their properties.”
  8. 8. Your contacts at BookingSync CONTACTS Romain Giacalone Marketing and Happiness Strategist at BookingSync Florian Stenström Co-founder and COO at BookingSync
  9. 9. Thanks for reading us! API PRESENTATION