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Air Rental x Rental Ninja Use Case

  1. How Air Rental Overhauled Their Property Management Strategy To Hit Their Goal Of 95% Occupancy With BookingSync + Rental Ninja AIR RENTAL USE CASE
  2. AIR RENTAL x RENTAL NINJA “Thanks to this new management strategy, we’ve opened a new city: Marseille. In the last two weeks, we’ve added 10 new listings. I know that’s directly linked to the way we’re managing our teams and our data.” -Thomas Servais, Partnership Manager and Co-Founder of Air Rental. Improved Management & Increasing Occupancy
  3. Air Rental’s Story INTRODUCTION Air Rental started managing vacation rentals in Montpellier, France less than two years ago. As a VR management startup, Air Rental grew quickly by word-of-mouth among property owners in France because of their objective: to maintain 95% occupancy while managing all aspects of the rental process.
  4. Improving The Occupancy Rate CHALLENGE At the start, Air Rental only listed on Airbnb and had an average occupancy around 60-70%. They needed a way to manage their growing portfolio of rentals across more channels in order to meet their occupancy goals. When Air Rental found BookingSync, suddenly they had a platform to manage all their properties across 10+ channels including sites like and HomeAway. With all their rentals synced to a single platform, Air Rental then began to look for a way to automate their day-to-day property management needs and discovered Rental Ninja, in BookingSync’s App Center.
  5. The Rental Ninja Tools SOLUTION Air Rental uses Rental Ninja to give their staff a single mobile app to manage everyday bookings across multiple channels, and accesses the scale and profitability of 40+ vacation rentals across 10 different VR platforms on the web:
  6. The Rental Ninja Tools SOLUTION “Rental Ninja gives us the visual graphics of the profitability of each rental with an excellent overview of the general business. We know exactly how many people are staying in our flats tonight, for example,” said Thomas Servais, Partnership Manager and Co-Founder of Air Rental. “We can see the revenue from all the listings, how many nights were booked in the last 30 days, how many rentals were active.”
  7. The Rental Ninja Tools SOLUTION Through Rental Ninja, each team member is assigned a role, and Air Rental can grant Permissions to team members according to their job and what they need to be able to do.
  8. SOLUTION “The people we work with use the calendars every day. They have the contacts of the travelers who are coming, they have all the information about when people are arriving or leaving--all specific to the flats that they’re managing.” The Rental Ninja Tools
  9. RESULTS Air Rental now enjoys user-friendly access to all their statistics and reports using BookingSync data. It helps them maximize everything from revenue, channel performance, occupancy, to client profile--all in the web dashboard. Improved Management & Increasing Occupancy
  10. Your Contacts At Rental Ninja & BookingSync CONTACT Romain Giacalone Bookingsync Marketing & Happiness Strategist Dídac Alvarado Carbajo Rental Ninja co-founder