Lessons from retail: The future of multi-channel engagement with the public


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BookingBug founder & CEO Glenn Shoosmith talks to the delegates of the Civil Service Live event about the future of multi-channel customer engagement. He looks at how central government and local councils can learn from retailers' experiences in developing and implementing "digital by default" customer engagement strategies. The talk covers benefits to the public sector, including:
- Improve access to services – digital by default
- Improve customer service levels
- Increase departmental productivity and performance
- Improve data management for evidencing & reporting
- Reduce departmental service delivery costs

BookingBug provides flexible, secure, multi-channel appointment solutions for:
Customer service centres
Home visits
Sporting facilities
Community facilities
Courses & classes
Ticketed events

For more information, head on over to BookingBug: http://www.bookingbug.com/government

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Lessons from retail: The future of multi-channel engagement with the public

  1. 1. Civil Service Live Lessons from Retail Glenn Shoosmith CEO
  2. 2. So lets talk about online engagement 1/20th the cost of a phone call 1/30th the cost of post So why aren’t you engaging online
  3. 3. Retails know this Not all retailers are waiting for Mary Portas to solve all of their issues for them
  4. 4. Pets at Home offer in stores services.. For dog and cat nutrition Using online channels boosted engagement by 400%
  5. 5. So lets talk about Government You offer over 650 delivered services Yet only a fraction of them are bookable online
  6. 6. Lets pick an example of a library
  7. 7. Who run events..
  8. 8. And hire people in
  9. 9. The Library has targets to hit to get funding
  10. 10. The library advertises this in the local paper
  11. 11. Someone might call?
  12. 12. ..and no-one shows
  13. 13. Which is sad for the entertainer
  14. 14. Which means the library misses it targets
  15. 15. Any retailer that worked this way would be out of business a long time ago
  16. 16. How it should have worked is much better
  17. 17. ?
  18. 18. Which means people new about it They turn up You have tracking and accountability You have evidence for LAA grants You have a nice email list contacts
  19. 19. People think of bookings systems often as one thing.. • Appointments, Time, Day, Week • Classes, Courses • Events – with complex ticket types • Free, Paid, Deposits, Credit • Booking and Managing Staff • Booking and Managing Resources • Block and Bulk Booking • Vouchers, Discount, Coupons, Deals
  20. 20. The single customer view - retailers are using it across different departments – and so can you Libraries Sports Culture Parks and Environment Children and Education Adoption and Fostering Parenting Support Schools and Playschemes Adult EducationHealth and Adult Social Care Finance and Customer Service Planning, Property and Regeneration Housing and Benefits Business, licensing and consumer advice
  21. 21. Key Points • Adoption is much easier than you think • It doesn’t cost as much as you think • It doesn’t need a massive tender framework • It doesn’t need a big Systems Integrator • Reduces cost and reduces overhead • Self-service by default! • Helps you track targets for evidencing
  22. 22. Central Government • We have a shared platform for Local Gov to keep costs down • We have dedicated platforms for central Gov • If it work for a massive retail chain with shops around the world – it can definitely work for you
  23. 23. Central Government • Retailers Care about customer experience • You care about: • Targets ? • Specifications ? Target: Customer must have choice! Specification: 3 choices at all times Result: Unusable interface
  24. 24. We’re awesome at booking stuff – come and talk to us • We understand customers journey • We understand haw to scale to multiple uses • We understand open data and open API’s
  25. 25. Civil Service Live Lessons from Retail Glenn Shoosmith CEO