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For Self-Published Authors. Creative Content Opps. Bookexpo America uPublishU Presentation

Creative Content Opportunites. With Susannah Greenberg Public Relations; Miral Sattar, BiblioCrunch; Steve Wilson, FastPencil; and bestselling author Kailin Gow. For self-publishing and/or entrepreneurial authors seeking to maximize the impact of their publishing, marketing and book pr. Books. Publishing. Authors. A presentation at Bookexpoamerica 2014 uPublishU.

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For Self-Published Authors. Creative Content Opps. Bookexpo America uPublishU Presentation

  1. 1. Creative Content Opportunities #BEA14 #uPublishU
  2. 2. Creative Content Opportunities ● Susannah Greenberg,Public Relations, http: // ● Miral Sattar, BiblioCrunch, http: // ● Steve Wilson, FastPencil, http://www. ● Kailin Gow, Bestselling Author, http: //
  3. 3. Creative Content Opportunities Please tweet and post Shareline: Content Opps w/ @SueGreenbergPR @MiralSattar @kailingow & @FastPencil's Steve Wilson #BEA14 #uPublishU Hashtags: #authors #BEA14 #bookpr #books #ebooks #IndiePub #publishing #selfpub #uPublishU #writers #writing
  4. 4. Susannah Greenberg Public Relations @suegreenbergpr Public Relations for Authors, Books, Publishers and the Book Industry
  5. 5. Bad News: Books Are Often Ignored
  6. 6. Good News: Book PR Works
  7. 7. BOOK PR ● Creates Awareness and Demand ● Drives Sales Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,
  8. 8. Goals and Objectives of Book PR To Get Reviews, Interviews, Mentions and Features In TV, Radio, Print, and Online National and Local
  9. 9. Facebook Business Page
  10. 10. BOOK PR TOOLS INBOUND: Drawing Your Readers In. SOCIAL MEDIA. Your Platform. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, blogs, web sites and more. Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,
  11. 11. BOOK PR TOOLS OUTBOUND: Reach out to media. Create targeted media lists, press releases, pitch letters, review copy mailings, direct email campaigns. Pitch to producers, journalists, editors, reviewers, bloggers. Social media tools can also be used as outbound book pr, offered as online resources to media. Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,
  12. 12. Opportunities “Off the Book Page” ● Leverage your content into “off the book page”opportunities. Think beyond reviews to features, arts & entertainment, lifestyle, and public affairs. ● How do you pitch this? Think about the story behind your story and try to tell it. How and why did you write your book? Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,
  13. 13. To Develop Your Story Further: Speak or Write About: ● What Inspired You to Write Your Book? ● Current Affairs You Could Comment On? Or a New Movie or Book?Milestones? Anniversaries? ● Your specialized area of expertise or knowledge you used in writing your book. Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,
  14. 14. Top 10 DIY Book PR Tips 1. Amazon Author Central 2. Google News Alerts 3. Start a blog - check out or 4. Spend 15 minutes a day on posting updates to social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Or focus on Facebook and Twitter only, if you need to triage. 5. Get an author business card 6. Start your own internet radio show on 7. Videotape yourself - Make a 5 minute video, introduce yourself and your book, read page one, and hold up the book. Upload to YouTube 8. Go to your local bookstore or library and ask to do a reading 9. Go to trade shows and associations and network and learn 10. Top ten lists! Create a top 10 list about your book and post it online, great pr tactic. Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,
  15. 15. Inspirational Thoughts for You Three simple rules in life: 1. If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it; 2. If you don't ask, the answer will always be no; 3. If you do not step forward, you'll always be in the same place. And one just for Book PR: If you do not go after Oprah, NPR, the Today Show, Ellen, The View, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and more, you certainly will not get it. SO GO FOR IT! Go Get Great Book PR for Your Book! Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,
  16. 16. For your self-published book Miral Sattar CEO – @miralsattar @bibliocrunch Promotion Pricing Strategies
  17. 17. Define Your Goals ● Are you looking for more readers? ● Or trying to sell more books?
  18. 18. FREEMIUM STRATEGY Set your book price close to $0 ● Give your work for free when you can ● Go from few sales a month to thousands of downloads ● You can get many readers ● Helps with reviews ● Send your book to free promotion sites ● Hugh Howey uses this a lot
  19. 19. SERIES PRICING Set your first book in a series lower than the rest ● Set your first book free when releasing a new book ● First book for $.99 ● Hook the reader and they will pay more for the next book ● Amanda Hocking uses this strategy successfully
  20. 20. PRICE DISCOUNTING Discount your book by 50% ● List of sites that do paid ads to promote your book if you discount ● Discount must be at least 50% ● Price of book is usually $.99 ● Lots of readers BUY increasing your sales rank ● You need 10 positive reviews before advertising
  21. 21. Royalty Rate Comparison Retailer Royalty ● Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP) ● Nook Press ● Apple (iBooks) ● Kobo ● Smashwords ● 70% if your book is between $2.99 and $9.99 on Amazon ● 65% on Nook Press ● 70% on iBooks ● 80% on Kobo ● 85% through Smashwords, but take a royalty on top of the rest, ends up being 60%
  22. 22. Stats ● $2.99 is the most popular price of a self-published book according to Smashwords ● < $5 is price of book and still considered dispensable ● $.99 might undervalue your work
  23. 23. The Power is now in the hands of the Author Presented By: Steve Wilson
  24. 24. Author Focuses on Content Generation Platforms now allow authors to select features from 5 powerful modules: • Connect • Write • Convert • Publish • Sell All in ONE place. The Power to… Proprietary software is designed around the lifecycle of a book.
  25. 25. The Power to Connect Professional service providers (agents, project managers, designers, editors, etc.) collaborate easily and securely within the content management system. For enterprises, publishers and authors, our end-to-end authoring tool is directly connected to publishing and retail industry leaders. Users can boast about progress via embedded social networking and mobile plug-ins. Encouraging collaboration, friends and social sales.
  26. 26. The Power to Write Write directly online, from any device and import general content from blogs or . Manage projects ,track revision history and work with multiple contributors and templates. Writing tools help authors create and edit content quickly.
  27. 27. The Power to Convert The Publishing Setup wizard converts files into multiple formats to prepare for distribution into numerous channels, each with specific file requirements. Metadata is gathered within the wizard steps, can be customized for your enterprise, is bundled with each file and delivered to each channel’s specifications. The wizard provides a final review process that allows end users to instantly preview various formats, print anywhere or instantly Instant conversion of content into professional books or e-books with just a few clicks.
  28. 28. The Power to Publish Gain access to our pre-established distribution and sales channels or forge partnerships of your own. Our Publish module allows direct file uploads, including print-ready .pdf or pre-produced .epub files. Push to all channels, print or electronic.
  29. 29. The Power to Sell Now we’ve come to other end of the authoring tool: the Marketplace. Automatic e-Commerce and Order Fulfillment System for all publications produced within the platform. Custom URLs and BookBuy Widgets are automatically generated upon publishing to assist with marketing campaigns. Royalty reporting is captured within the Admin module and displayed on each user’s dashboard.
  30. 30. Expanding on Existing Content Book Expo America 2014 @kailingow
  31. 31. Entrepreneurial Author Why I am an Entrepreneurial Author • Over 135 books published to date. • Over 21 audiobooks produced. • Over 27 book series in different genres. • 5 book series optioned for games. 2 are currently in development, releasing in 2014. 2014 Copyright Kailin Gow @kailingow
  32. 32. When DIY Makes Sense 2014 Copyright Kailin Gow • Personality • Opportunity • Situation @kailingow
  33. 33. Expanding on Existing Content • ebook • Print Book • Audio Books • Other Opportunities 2014 Copyright Kailin Gow @kailingow
  34. 34. eBooks and Print Books 2014 Copyright Kailin Gow eBooks - Publishing Digital Versions of Books is a necessity Print Books – There will always be a need for Print Books Resources for DIY or Entrepreneurial Authors @kailingow
  35. 35. Audio Books 2014 Copyright Kailin Gow @kailingow
  36. 36. Other Opportunities to Expand Existing Content • Comic Books and Graphic Novels • Games • Translations and Foreign Versions 2014 Copyright Kailin Gow @kailingow
  37. 37. Questions? @kailingow 2014 Copyright Kailin Gow THANK YOU!!!
  38. 38. This slideshow online: ● Susannah Greenberg,Public Relations, http://bookbuzz. com ● Miral Sattar, BiblioCrunch, ● Steve Wilson, FastPencil, ● Kailin Gow, Bestselling Author, QUESTIONS?