Read and Share Bible: Over 200 Best Loved Bible Stories (Read and Share (Tommy Nelson)) On Sale


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Read and Share Bible: Over 200 Best Loved Bible Stories (Read and Share (Tommy Nelson)) On Sale

  1. 1. Read and Share Bible: Over 200 Best Loved Bible Stories(Read and Share (Tommy Nelson)) On SaleIt is big and bright with lots of page-turning learning about the Word of God.The Read and Share Bible is unique in its format and solid in Bible teaching. Packed with 200stories that are simple re-tellings, the gigantic message of God’s love and care is sure to winthe hearts of little ones and give them a strong Bible foundation to guide their lives. With over400 pieces of art, this Bible Storybook is highly interactive as it encourages Scripture Memoryand reinforces comprehension with quick activities for you and your children.Stories include Noah, David, Joseph, Abraham, Paul, and Christ as well as many other timelessBiblical characters and lessons. 1/3
  2. 2. Not the Best Children’s Bible AvailableThis children’s Bible contains over 200 stories, hitting most of the highlights from the children’sBible-story canon. Each story is exactly two pages long, with at least half of each page coveredin full color illustration. The illustrations are pretty good, although my kindergartener says shehates the way all the noses are drawn.Honestly, this Bible’s content is a little weak. The stories are so short (two pages each!) andwatered down that adults and kids will both get bored. However, it isn’t totally watered down.Jesus does die on the cross in this book (yes, I’ve seen children’s “Bibles” that leave that out).But here’s the crucial thing: this Bible minimizes the problem of sin. So, your child mightwonder, “Why the heck did Jesus need to die?” or worse might suppose there was no reasonat all for his death and that God fixed a mistake with the resurrection.Do your child a favor and buy a really good children’s Bible. Two of the best are…Just today: Click HERE to save $5.44!Good Bible STORY bookOk after reading several other reviews before i read this book i thought oh great am not going tolike it.However I found this to not be the case. I do like this STORY book quite well. Look if I wanted todelve deep into the bible with my children I would look for a bible to do just that. This is morelike a storybook from one person’s point of view on how she is retelling the story to a child andhow she would tell it .. as simple as that. It is not word for word from the bible nor does it claimto be. This is someone’s interpretation of The International Children’s Bible.The stories are good for young ages and yes it is even good for older kids who already knowthe stories presented in this book though it may not hold their interest as well since the storiesare just a couple pages.The graphics are nice .. are they like other hitech animation out there of course not that is notthe intent.I do not feel as if this book tries to dummy down to anyone. The…A nice introductory survey of the Bible for preschoolersThe reading level may be 4-8, but I think that the tone and simplification of the stories is bestgeared towards preschool aged children from 2-5. I was surprised by the number of storiesincluded, and by the obscurity of some stories compared to some other story bibles. But eachstory gets roughly the same two page executive summary treatment with a lot of easy words,followed up by some virtue or principal lesson. This is great for discussing Bible concepts withsmall children. It isn’t a “real” learning Bible and it does take some liberties for the sake of itssimplicity, but for younger children it’s more than acceptable. I think once a child can read well 2/3
  3. 3. on their own, you should consider a different and deeper storybook version, since it will become less about the dialog and more about self-learning.[/has_review] 3/3Powered by TCPDF (