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World Wide Web of Books

Aaron Miller, CTO of BookGlutton, talks about the history of BookGlutton and social reading, the difference between audience and community, and the new Read Social API, that allows people to create groups and share notes across different reading systems.

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World Wide Web of Books

  1. 1. The World Wide Web (of books?) Aaron Miller, BiB 2010 The Internet Archive, San Francisco
  2. 2. Who Am I? Been doing Web Dirty Work for 15 years. Also been a writer, (web) publisher, and writing teacher. Other than Quark, the world of book tech has generally been distant from everything I've been. EPUB outfit
  3. 3. How Did I Get Here? 1999: Web as a publishing platform interesting, but needed a better long-form reading interface. Built my first novel publishing system in Perl and CGI
  4. 4. BookGlutton 2007: Inspired by Ajax, built BookGlutton with Travis Alber. Now, up against new limitations: content and platforms of distribution. Today: Based at Dogpatch Labs in NYC, building a social API for books.
  5. 5. Famous Last Words? "The Web is a great promotional tool, but not a medium for our content." —Big Publisher "People are conditioned to believe everything they consume on the Web should be free. They'll never pay for online books." —Small Publisher sign o' the times
  6. 6. A New Strain of Publisher "Let's put our books up there and then figure out what else to charge for." —Cloud Publisher legacy platform tower of e-babel
  7. 7. Publishers, Evolve! Marketplace Model Number of Documents Revenue Books Consumption Millions Sales Web Experience Billions Service and Sales Glutton Server From Consumption to Experience
  8. 8. • e-books can't be easily updated • e-books can't incorporate dynamic data • e-books can't report activity or respond to user actions In short, what is still lacking from books are the things the Web already offers for other documents. Epub Was a Big Leap, But Still Old School
  9. 9. Publishers, Evolve! (Part II) Every book has an ideal community which is not necessarily the same as its audience. The market needs to evolve to address both an audience-based market AND a community-based market.
  10. 10. Community vs. Audience Community is often the evolution of an audience.Audience passive consume seek content search ignore context Community interactive prosume seek each other recommend value context
  11. 11. Evolution: Four Years Out Books are large enough to provide many shareable points, and those points have more permanence. Persistence of this quality makes books distinct. Layers of services for searching and curating this layer evolve from this distinction. The new front for innovation is in service integration.
  12. 12. The Layer Theory of Book Evolution Books will remain books, and other services, including the Web, will be layered on top of them. Think of these services as enhancement layers. These layers depend on open systems or mass adoption of simple tools.
  13. 13. One Possible Stratification hyperlink book social link scenes, passages, words, characters, etc to other books, to websites, to other services activities, personal notes, conversations accretion of academic, anecdotal, observational and complimentary enhancements, including notes, multimedia and pointed critique aggregate metadata from different sources - alternate identifiers, catalog data, etc. real-time layer - event streams, activity around and in the books metadata knowledge real-time
  14. 14. ReadSocial Unbound Reader Announcing Two New Projects
  15. 15. ReadSocial A distributed system of social features and data, usable by any app, application, device or web community.
  16. 16. Unbound Reader OS Over next 2 months, we're open sourcing the BookGlutton publishing platform and Web- based social reading system. Epub-to-Web workflow, reflowable pagination, deep linking to paragraphs and more.
  17. 17. Contact Info twitter: @vaporbook @bookgluttonNEWS email: blog: