BEA 2013 - Making Your Metadata Rock


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Making Your Metadata Rock: Improving How Your Titles Appear & Appeal To Customers
Moderator: Laura Dawson, Product Manager, Identifiers
Speakers: Eleanor Fanicase, Director of Data Management, Phil Madans, Director Publishing Standards and Practices, More to come!

During this workshop, metadata specialists from book wholesale, data solution providers, and publishing houses will illustrate how you can improve your metadata. Enhanced metadata examples and suggestions will show you how to improve your subject codes/keywords, cover images, descriptions, Author information, and other metadata. Presentations will highlight industry best practices from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and Booknet Canada and how you can best use these documents during your metadata creation. Finally, speakers will give advice on how often you should update your metadata and how to handle these cycles of metadata creation.

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BEA 2013 - Making Your Metadata Rock

  1. 1. Libraries
  2. 2. What Libraries Want in Data Accurate Info Print runs – Advertising Budgets Cover images Good subject classifications Reprint, reissue, original indicators Specific age/grade (not All Ages or PreK-99) Reviews Data consistency between formats
  3. 3. Timeliness Submit titles 6 months prior to pub month Price changes at least 30 days prior to effectivedate (include effective date)Status Changes (OS, PS, OP)Replacement informationannualsnew editions
  4. 4. Consistency Author namesCussler, Clive not Clive, CusslerCornwell, Patricia Daniel not CornwellKrentz, Jayne Ann not Krentz, Jayne AddClark, Mary Higgins not Clark, Mark Higgins
  5. 5. ConsistencyAuthor Name Errors – Lost Sales FromAutomated Shipment ProgramClive Cussler – 3,986 booksPatricia Daniels Cornwell – 1,766 booksJayne Ann Krentz – 3,870 booksMary Higgins Clark – 6,876 books
  6. 6. ConsistencyBISAC Coding - Don’tsMix fiction and non-fiction on same titleMix juvenile and adult on same titleUse general for all titlesUse general as the first then more specificUse outdated subject codesAssign codes that do not represent the content
  7. 7. Improving Your DataDon’t Mix Adult & JuvenileTitle: Split EndsAuthor: Jacquelin ThomasBISAC Code 1: JUV033010 (Juvenile Fiction –Religion/Christian/GeneralBISAC Code 2: REL070000 (Adult Non-Fiction –Religion/Christianity/GeneralBISAC Code 3: JUV011010 (Juvenile Fiction –People & Places/United States/African American
  8. 8. BISAC Don’ts Don’t assign a general subject first unless it’sabsolutely necessary. Don’t assign a specific code first then assigna general code.Black Butterfly by Mark GatissBISAC Codes:FIC000000 – Fiction GeneralFIC022000 - Fiction MysteryFIC016000 - Fiction Humorous
  9. 9. BISAC Don’ts Assign different BISAC codes to differenteditions of same title:Fire and Ice (hardcover) FIC030000 (Suspense)Fire and Ice (large print) FIC030000 (Suspense)Fire and Ice (Audio) FIC000000 (General)
  10. 10. Consistency BISAC Coding - Do’sApply up to 3 subjects to a titleUse the current BISAC subject editionContact Data Management for assistanceTake these examples back to your editorialstaff for discussion
  11. 11. ConsistencySeries TitlesEasy search for new titlesIncluded in B&T Continuations(millions of dollars)Family Key Matchpoint
  12. 12. Series ConsistencyJuvenile Series: Boys-Girls BattleBoys Rock: Boy/Girl BattleWho Won the War?: Boys Battle GirlsThe Boys Return: Boys Girl Battle SeriesA Spy Among The Girls: Boys=Girls BattleThe Girls Take Over: Boys-Girls Battle SeriesLost Sales ??????
  13. 13. ConsistencyGrade/Age LevelsRequired for all juvenile titlesShould be same for all editionsShould be age appropriaterepresentation not broad market (K-12;All Ages, Pre-K-100)
  14. 14. Data Assets Cover ImagesProvide as early as possible - update ifnecessaryMakes an impressionSell books
  15. 15. Data Assets DescriptionsImportant part of the dataNow displaying on B&T websitesSubmissions must be in specified formats only Author BiographiesBrief description of the author(s)’s lives,accomplishments and/or qualificationsFlap or Jacket CopyContent from a book’s flap or back cover; maycontain descriptions, review quotes, testimonials,author information, and other marketing copy
  16. 16. Data Feed - Issues Problem In FeedsMissing dataMisspelled authors, titlesWrong format (hardcover for paperback)No grades/agesNo BISAC subjects/Outdated CodesMissing Series title and numberMissing edition or edition numberNo replacement information
  17. 17. Data Feed - FeedbackVendor ScorecardsReview data from several feedsAddress missing or incorrect dataRecommend better BISAC subjectsProvide feedback for improvement
  18. 18. Increasing Your Sales Provide the best data Submit data as early as possible Select the most specific BISAC subject Include grade/age levels on juvenile titles Indicate Trade Reinforced Bindings Edition and edition numbers Series and Series numbers Replacement ISBN’s
  19. 19. Increasing Your SalesProvide Enhanced Data Cover images Descriptions Author Bios Excerpts Flap or Jacket Copy
  20. 20. Would You Buy This Book?Untitled GruberFiction$24.95Coming Soon!
  21. 21. Would You Buy This Book?12th Of NeverJames PattersonFiction Suspense$27.99Available 4/29/13Product DescriptionA week after giving birth, LindsayBoxer is investigating two cases: agrisly murder where the mainsuspect is an NFL player and aneccentric professor who thinks hisdreams of a murder are real in thisnew addition to the best-sellingseries. 750,000 first printing.
  22. 22. Metadata Rocks When It Is Consistent Timely Complete Accurate Classified Properly Updated Enhanced