Beyond Straight Text [2014]


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Ebook presentation at the Digital Book World Conference, January 2014.

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Beyond Straight Text [2014]

  1. 1. DBW DIGITAL DESIGN & PRODUCTION CONFERENCE • MONDAY 13, 2014 Beyond Straight Text Extracts, Lists, Sidebars, and Tables To Download PDF Slides To Download Epub file
  2. 2. Who? Managers, devs, ID users What? EPUB3 / KF8 (thru KP) Why? Reflowable and flexible When? 2014 but test often Where? Every vender and ereader
  3. 3. CSS: Use styles for paragraphs, characters, objects HTML: Map to tags ... and open EPUB to add ereader-specific refinement
  4. 4. NO
  5. 5. Our ebook design Our customers’ reading experience Ereader rendering
  6. 6. Semantic markup Graceful degradation Fallbacks Margins Borders Media queries
  7. 7. PLUS: Adobe Digital Editions and Sony PLUS: ReadiumMINUS MOBI: Kindles G1, G2 and Kindle DX
  8. 8. HEY! ☞
  9. 9. Beyond Straight Text Extracts
  10. 10. HEY!☞
  11. 11. What works: Graceful degradation: embedded fonts and device fonts Fallbacks: font stacks and font size differentiated from main text Margins: top, bottom, left, right Borders: render in both regular and night modes Keep simple: Colors: in case night mode does not override text color with white Long extracts: make sure font is legible in large amounts Extracts
  12. 12. Beyond Straight Text Lists
  13. 13. + Kobo Glo
  14. 14. What works: Semantic markup: use <ol>, <ul>, and <li> Media queries: to fix alignment issue in Kindle Fire HD Bug Fixes in CSS: to fix nesting and alignment bugs in NookColor and Kobos Keep simple: Variables: consider hard- coding lists that are other than numerical Nesting: consider reworking content with lists which contain paragraphs or very long list points which may become thin in narrow screen widths Margins: avoid trying to perfectly align lists and change default margins Lists
  15. 15. Beyond Straight Text Sidebars
  16. 16. HEY!☞
  17. 17. HEY!☞
  18. 18. desktop app for Mac
  19. 19. desktop app for Mac contrasts better on app for iPad than on desktop app for Mac
  20. 20. app for iPad
  21. 21. What works: Graceful degradation: -webkit prefix works for iBooks and Kindles Margins: top, bottom, left, right Borders: for night mode Media queries: consider setting narrow, floating sidebars to full width with a KF8 media query to account for iPad app and narrow Kindles Keep simple: Colors: make sure there’s enough contrast between text color and sidebar background to account for various night mode overrides Scale: An ebook full of narrow, floating sidebars can cause reflow headaches for the reader so best to use sparingly Sidebars
  22. 22. Beyond Straight Text Tables
  23. 23. HEY!☞
  24. 24. What works: Semantic markup: use HTML table tags Fallbacks: consider placing image of table in text flow with a link to the table as text in the back of the ebook Borders: help to demarcate background colors like we see in the sidebars Keep simple: Very wide tables and complex tables: may need to be reworked Charts: a table- and chart hybrid that needs to be set as an image should be tested for caption legibility, especially on small screen sizes Tables
  25. 25. Questions? Find your people on Twitter at #eprdctn Resources: PDF Slides Epub file