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Study Kit - Pronunciation


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Contents page for the Pronunciation unit, and example task.

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Study Kit - Pronunciation

  1. 1. 1L15 STUDY KIT – PRONUNCIATION FOLDER CONTENTS Hi! This page tells you what is in the Level 15 Study Kit - Pronunciation Folder. First, decide which unit you want to work on. Then look at the contents and choose the type of activity you want to do. If you are not sure what you want to do, PLEASE ask one of the SAC counselors, or SAC staff.PRONUNCIATIONUnit 8 – The Image Industry: Question IntonationTask No. Type of Activity 1 Intonation - Pitch Direction of Questions: notes and exercises 2 More on Falling and Rising Intonation - Asking Someone to Repeat: exercises 3 Tones in Asking for Information: notes and exercisesUnit 9 – A Question of LuckTask No. Type of Activity There are no tasks for this unit.Unit 10 – Free Time: HomophonesTask No. Type of Activity 1 Spot the Homophones: 2 exercises – match pairs of homophonesUnits 8 – 10 – General Pronunciation SkillsTask No. Type of Activity 1 ED-Endings: /t/, /d/, /Id/ 2 Connected Speech CD-Rom 3 Linking: exercises with ‘R’ & ‘D’; linking with vowel sounds; linking with consonant sounds 4 Weak Forms: reduced ‘and’ & ‘can’ 5 S-Endings: /s/, /z/, /Iz/