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97 Ways To Market Your Accountancy Business


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97 Ways To Market Your Accountancy Business is written for accountants & bookkeepers who are looking for ways in which they can market and promote their businesses. Nothing happens in a business until 'someone sells something' and this book will help you to think about how you can market your products and services so that customers beat a path to your front door. This is a follow-up to the first book 'How To Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business'. Award-winning entrepreneur and author, Lisa Newton started her own bookkeeping business in 2004 with just £150. Every penny was spent on marketing. The book outlines 97 ways to market your accountancy business in A-Z order, each way is given a rating from easy to difficult, and has an effectiveness score from 1 to 5, and a cost of low to high. Each method is also listed by rating, score and cost so you have a quick reference guide too.

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97 Ways To Market Your Accountancy Business

  1. 1. 97 Ways to Market YourAccountancy Business
  2. 2. £150 In 2004, author Lisa Newton startedher own bookkeeping business,Boogles Ltd with £150. What did she spend that firstinvestment on? Marketing !
  3. 3. Why I wrote this book• Started ownbusiness• £150• Most commonquestion: Whatdid you spend iton ?!• Book – 97
  4. 4. 97 WAYS 97 ways which you can pick andchoose from Listed A – Z order Graded: Easy > Difficult Low cost > High cost Results: >♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ Quick reference Action plan
  5. 5. GAME PLAN Not enough to ‘just start’ a business Know yourself Work to your strengths Have a plan
  7. 7. CHOICES Started your business Wait for the phone to ring, or make it ring Proactive
  8. 8. COMPETITION Your competitor is doingsomething right now to getthe clients you want The early bird gets the worm Important to keep up Enough for everyone Show up!
  9. 9. MARKETING IS... the process of communicating thevalue of a product or service tocustomers. a critical business function forattracting customers.
  10. 10. MOST ACCOUNTANTS Went to accountancy school to learnabout accounts Very good at what they do Only 50% need to be successful.. Need customers!
  11. 11. 97 WAYS
  12. 12. 97 Ways To Market YourAccountancy Business Learn the marketing secrets to getcustomers beating a path to your door Stay ahead of the competition A must-read for accountants,independent bookkeepers
  13. 13. To Find Out More…Visit the website:www.HowToStartYourOwnBookkeepingBusiness.comAvailable on Amazon, Kindle and inall great bookshops (and libraries)!