Uplause presentation at Sport & Money conference


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Uplause presentation as a pdf version from the Sport and Money Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden 30th of November 2012. For more info about Uplause please contact: heikki.aura@uplause.com

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Uplause presentation at Sport & Money conference

  1. 1. + Social Sponsorship Welcome to a new era Heikki Aura, Uplause Ltd.Copyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  2. 2. World leader inSOCIALSPONSORSHIP + In a Nutshellsolutions for rightsholders and brands Brand clients: Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Turkish Airlines, Nokia, Reebok, Fonecta, Veikkaus, Elisa, Galp Energia, Endesa, OP-Pohjola, Singtel, Intrum- Justitia, DNA, Biltema, Hartwall, Superbock, TMN etc. Events: Chelsea Football Club, Formula 1 GP, FIBA Basketball World Championship, IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, FC Porto, V Festival UK, Basketball Euroleague Final Four, Dubai Jazz Festival, Rugby Super Cup South Africa, Samsung Olympic London 12 Activation, Asian Champions League Football, Lollapalooza Brasil etc. Offices:4 000 000 Helsinki, Finland Global sales/delivery network in all major territoriesFans engaged and countriesin 400 eventsin 12 countriesfor 30 brands Copyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  3. 3. + Digital behavior is here -10,5Billion hours spent on Facebook daily -400Million Tweets per day  -44% of people play mobile gamesCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  4. 4. + In sport, only first baby steps taken 3rd Phase: Allow fans to interact with 2nd Phase: your property Start to create engagement 1st Phase: with fans Build presence at Social MediaCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  5. 5. + Software a key driver for growth “Our new stadium will be a software driven stadium” San Francisso 49ers, CEO Jed YorkCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  6. 6. + Social TV. Emerging Opportunity for fans to engage. Also in sports!Copyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  7. 7. + Digital and social layer A Live Event Property
  8. 8. +“What is compelling andunique enough aboutattending a game?First, let me tell you whatit’s not. It’s NOT thegame.We are NOT in thebusiness of sellingbasketball. We are in thebusiness of selling funexperiences.”Mark CubanDallas Mavericks, NBAOwnerCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  9. 9. + Transforming digital and social into meaningful offerings Social and 1. Social Sponsorship allows digital rights holders, federations, teams component to transform their properties into a social and digital experience and increase their revenues 2. Social sponsorship allows Traditional sponsors/brands to connect with Sponsorship fans and activate with the latest Packages and social and digital means and to tools gain access to consumer data
  10. 10. + Uplause: Transforms live events and sponsorship into a digital, interactive and social experienceCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  11. 11. + Uplause uses stadium video screens as a channel for social and digital interactionCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  12. 12. + Uplause uses outside digital billboards as a channel for interaction and to expand the experience to cityscapeCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  13. 13. + Basically, any digital surface is within the reach for fan engagement…Copyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  14. 14. + See video how crowd games work Uplause Crowd Games: Voice activated games for arenas and stadiums “Entire audience is the joystick”Copyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  15. 15. + Uplause Crowd Games: Covering all major sport genres: football, basketball, ice- hockey etc.Copyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  16. 16. + Interactive LEDs: Turning the fieldside advertisement into interactive branded contentCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  17. 17. + Engagement happens via Facebook Likes/ Comments or Twitter Tweets Targeted for TV viewers Gain contactable consumer dataCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  18. 18. + How Uplause creates the interaction in Social MediaCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  19. 19. + Variety of Social Media productsCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  20. 20. + Social sponsorship packages built based on customers’ needs Social Tools and Products Inter- Game Fan Crowd active Face A Social games LEDs App Mosaic Sponsorship Reveal Package Fan Gallery Fan Quiz Tuning App Quiz Fan Mobile Custom Reveal Poll App
  21. 21. + Real Life CasesCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  22. 22. + See video of it Priceless Fun in Dubai HeatCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  23. 23. + See video of it London ’12 Olympic ActivationCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  24. 24. +World’s MostPopular Birds atStamford BridgeCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  25. 25. Fans Reveal a New Player Signing –Case Jokerit HC and Clear Channel10,000 Likesneeded to revealnew signing
  26. 26. Finnish Ice-HockeyFederation & EHT KarjalaTournament
  27. 27. Which 3 words best describe Karjala EHT tournament? Atmosphere Interesting Finland Exciting Intriguing High quality Feeling Finnish Good Fast phased Team Finland High standard Sporty Traditional International Nice Beer Inspiring Funny Sisu
  28. 28. 80% brand 60% + Uplause Products Deliver Tangible & engagementrecognition for rates at Measurable Resultsbranded crowd Facebook games Uplause Scorecard for measuring the impact and results, available always 90% crowd participationrates for crowd games Copyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  29. 29. + Who we’ve worked with Events & Teams - examples Brands - examples FC Porto Portugal’s national teamCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  30. 30. +Some ofour partners Copyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12
  31. 31. + Digital and social layer Live Event Properties
  32. 32. + Thank you! Please be in touch! heikki.aura@uplause.com Twitter: HeikkiAura & Uplause www.uplause.comCopyright © Uplause Ltd 12/3/12