Deming Cycle


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Slideshow discus the simple basic aspects of Deming Cycle. This presentation was prepared by my friend Sonam.

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Deming Cycle

  2. 2.  Deming cycle was given by W. Edwards Deming.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION (contd.)Deming’s philosophy Continually provide better products and service & gradually improve the process. Put quality first, not short-term process. 14 points management philosophy Deming cycle-plan, do, study, and act
  4. 4.  Create a vision and demonstrate commitment Adopt new philosophy Build quality into product and process Consider total cost not jus initial price Improve constantly and forever
  5. 5.  Training on the job Institute leadership Drive out fear Optimize the efforts of teams Eliminate exhortations
  6. 6.  Eliminate numerical targets Remove barriers to worker satisfaction Encourage self improvement Take no action
  8. 8.  Developing a plan for exactly what organization going to, want to, need to or would like to achieve. Should keep it SMART S - Specific M-Measurable A-Achievable R-Relevant T-Time-bound
  9. 9.  Planning requires Defining a problem or opportunity Analysing the situation Thinking creatively Developing an implementation plan
  10. 10.  Executing the plan, taking small steps in controlled circumstances It is all about doing Research on the basis of previous stage Communicate with the related people Deliver a well expected result Recruiting man power for the planned work
  11. 11.  Study(check) just as it implies. Where one perform analysis of the data he has collected during the previous stage. Checking requires Analysing data and pinpoint problems Observing the effects of the change and test Collecting some more information Inspecting the work which has been on process
  12. 12.  Act standardizes the change. If the result is not satisfactory then, repeat the cycle Acting requires Looking for proper resources Starting to implement the process Development of technology Securing the improvement
  13. 13.  The points mentioned above in Deming management process may seem to be minor but they are not. Every single organization must go through each and every aspect of the cycle. Since there is no specific time suggested for any particular cycle, it could take place in an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year.
  14. 14.  This process results in continual improvements. When one is satisfied that his/her organization has accomplished all it can from this cycle, starting again with the process results only in improvement. Improvement equals better but not perfect.