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20 slides, 20 seconds each, on tips and tricks to help you become a better copywriter.

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Copywriting tips bonnie_zink

  1. 1. Copywriting Tips & Techniques Bonnie Zink e PWAC-SK President K Corporate Writer R Writer, Researcher & Editor Researcher,
  2. 2. KISS rule: Keep It S Short and Simple. Beclear and concise.
  3. 3. Keep your titles crisp, clear, and simple. Headlines are your first contact. simple.
  4. 4. Read. The well read writer is a well informed writer and easily providescontent worthy of reading. reading
  5. 5. Great cooking isnt plain food; it is food with zest and"great writing isnt plain English; it is writing w withZING!" Ben Locker @benlocker
  6. 6. It is not all about you. It is all a about the reader. Speak toyour audience.
  7. 7. You are in the business of promoting benefits; your copy should be too.
  8. 8. “Good writers borrow from other writers.Great writers steal from them outright.”Stolen from screenwriter Aaron Sorkin byTom Mason @totmacT M @t t
  9. 9. Plan ahead. Know why you are writi the copy, who you are writing for, ingand what you need to say.
  10. 10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO is important for web O)rankings, but readability is importa to your reader. Use antkeywords sparingly and strategica to keep readers allyengaged.
  11. 11. Incorporate a call to action in every piece you write. Tell the reader why yyou are speaking with them. Tell the to click, buy, or engage. em
  12. 12. Good copy has structure: Title --> Subject --> Support; just like good esentences have structure: subj ject --> verb --> object.
  13. 13. "If your copy seems ridiculously simple, i fi i h d " T idi l l i l its finished." Tom Alb i h Albrighton@tomcopy
  14. 14. “Confidence carries the day. Write like you’re an expert, talk like you’re ean expert, act like you’re an expert. Even if you’re not, it’ll carry youthrough until you are.” Andrew Nattan @Mr603 n
  15. 15. Answer the "whats in it for me question and youll avoid e"the "so what" problem. Engage readers by providing value. e
  16. 16. The magic is in the details: Edit andproof... A LOT! Grammatical f G ti lmissteps can kill your reputation.
  17. 17. Create a "cheat" file of writing gthat has seduced or impressedyou and refer to it often whenyou need to be inspired.
  18. 18. When i doubt, test it AskWh in d b t t it. A k your friend and colleagues what they think f i nds d ll h h hi kabout the copy. Chances are youll b inspired to make it better. be
  19. 19. Dont try to be funny, cute, orclever; do be your rself and honest.Your reader know sincere copy wswhen she reads it So, lets be t.real.
  20. 20. Still not sure on how to put yourbest copywriting foot forward?Call theC ll th experts: P f t Professional i lWriters Association of Canada( and contact aprofessional writer PWAC cawww.WRITERS.c cahttp://bonniezink