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Manufacturing Industry Marketing Services


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Manufacturing Industry Marketing (
Manufacturing and Distribution Companies require specialized marketing that is customized to reach a very different customer base. As Atlanta’s leading marketing agency, we specialize in B2B marketing and B2C marketing initiatives for manufacturing industries.

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Manufacturing Industry Marketing Services

  1. 1. Manufacturers & Distributors
  2. 2. Digital Marketing Builds New Opportunities For Manufacturing and Distribution Companies The Mauldin Group, The Digital Marketing Agency For Atlanta’s Production Industries
  3. 3. Your Manufacturing or Distribution Business Marketing Needs Are Special Manufacturing and Distribution Companies require specialized marketing that is customized to reach a very different customer base. The Mauldin Group (TMG) is Atlanta’s leading marketing agency specializing in B2B marketing and B2C marketing initiatives in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Unlike typical marketing strategies, manufacturing marketing requires much more research investment as well as a different approach for reaching customers. While other agencies tend to use cookie-cutter marketing plans that make the company fit their marketing offering, The Mauldin Group develops a marketing plan that is specific not only to your industry but to your specific company needs.
  4. 4. Your company needs an Atlanta marketing agency that understands your unique product offerings. We understand that your processes are much different; you design, engineer, produce and distribute products. So a marketing strategy that treats your company just like any other business will fail. As a distribution company, your needs can range from marketing to other businesses (B2B), to customers (B2C), to vendor and labor acquisition. And, to accomplish these goals requires several marketing tasks working together at once.
  5. 5. We Take Your Manufacturing and Distribution Business To The Top! At The Mauldin Group, we know how to create an industrial marketing strategy that generates profitability. Our creative team of experts assesses your marketing goals, to develop a plan that increases lead generation and brand recognition. From having a website that is SEO optimized to land search results on Google’s Page #1, to a Online Reputation Management program that enhances the posting of positive reviews to make your company brand recognizable, we make your marketing work for you, not the other way around.
  6. 6. The Mauldin Group, Your Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta, Offers Premier, Customized Manufacturing and Distribution Marketing Services The Mauldin Group has developed a proprietary marketing strategy that uniquely meets the needs of companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Our digital marketing solutions are customized to help your company reach its target market and communicate your messaging via content marketing, email marketing and social media. Using complex analysis, analytics and the latest marketing trends, we help you to construct a viable sales funnel that increases lead generation and guides customers to a call-to-action.
  7. 7. Here are some of The Mauldin Group’s services for the Manufacturing and Distribution Industry Web Design and Development Online Reputation Management (ORM) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Marketing Email Marketing Lead Generation Brand Marketing Social Media Marketing Google Ads (PPC) CRM Implementation
  8. 8. The Mauldin Group offers digital marketing services and brand marketing solutions to manufacturing and distribution companies nationwide. With The Mauldin Group as your marketing team, we will deliver results-driven, innovative ideas that successfully meet your complex digital marketing needs. Let TMG take you To The Top! Let The Mauldin Group Make You The Leader In Your Industry
  9. 9. Contact Us Now For a FREE Quote | 678.846.2306