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GPFA Final Powerpoint

  1. 1. Marketing & Branding Strategy Global PARTNERSHIP for Afghanistan
  3. 3. The Request• A comprehensive marketing plan • Message platform • Target audiences • Goals and measurement indicators• Specific suggestions for fundraising• E-strategy to integrate online activities
  4. 4. The Product• Landscape assessment of operating environment • Analysis of public polling data • Analysis of media coverage of relevant issues • Competitor review• Audit of GPFA communications & programs • Fundraising, programs, and printed materials • E-mail, website and online activities • Assessment of competitors’ websites• Marketing strategy with e-strategy component
  6. 6. Print Media Methodology• LexisNexis database• Major world media outlets (past two years)• 14,000 articles returned, 6% relevant• 200 articles selected for in-depth analysis General Findings• Majority of Afghanistan coverage is from outside of U.S. (Canada, U.K., Ireland, and Australia)• U.S. coverage has higher percentage of negative stories
  7. 7. Print Media Search Results• Global Partnership For Afghanistan • Only one BBC wire article from 2006 • Minimal coverage from major U.S. and world publications • Afghanistan attracts little attention in the “micro-lending” and “micro-credit” area• Women in Afghanistan • Focus on obstacles and dangers • Economic improvements covered, but not farming
  8. 8. Print Media Search Results (continued)• Agriculture and Farming • Majority discuss drug wars (poppy and opium) • Only 1% of articles involve constructive farming• Reforestation and Agro-forestry • Positive landscape in Africa and Southeast Asia • Little exposure in Afghanistan
  9. 9. Competitors’ Media Exposure• Most online media about Afghanistan is negative and focuses on security concerns• Even major competitors of GPFA receive limited media coverage • KIVA • Received majority of media coverage • One Acre Fund • Roots of Peace • Afghans for Tomorrow
  10. 10. The Polling Data General Knowledge of Afghanistan• Americans have little knowledge about Afghanistan, and current views tend to be negative.
  11. 11. The Polling DataA Link Between the Environment and U.S. Foreign Policy • Americans care about reducing the effect of global warming, and think that the environment should be a significant part of major U.S. foreign policy.
  12. 12. The Polling Data The Need for International Development• Americans support developmental aid when it is directed to people and the results seem tangible.• Americans perceive a link between developmental aid and fighting the war on terror.
  14. 14. The Research Areas of Study• Fundraising• Program goals and results• Printed materials and messaging• E-mail• Website• Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and MyCommitment websites• Competitors’ websites
  15. 15. The Findings Fundraising• Accomplishments • 800 donors: individuals, foundations, and corporations • 80% of board members active in cultivation and solicitation • At least 2 solicitation letters per year • Stewardship with personal thank you letters, personal contact and newsletters• Challenges • No full-time Major Gifts staff • No target audience or prospects outside of board and friends • Online giving is limited
  16. 16. The Findings Program Goals and Results• Accomplishments • Tracking measures in place • Statistics are available• Challenges • Presented without context to provide perspective • No benchmarks to show success
  17. 17. The Findings Printed Materials and Messaging• Accomplishments • Variety of materials: brochure, project profiles, newsletters • Pictures and personal stories connect to the reader • Consistent messaging• Challenges • Absence of mission statement • Materials with few pictures and paragraph text (instead of bullets) fail to engage the reader quickly
  18. 18. The Findings E-mail System• Accomplishment • E-mail list of 600• Challenges • No manageable system to send and track mass e-mails • No automatic subscribe/unsubscribe functionality • PDF attachments can cause e-mail to be blocked by spam filters and are slow to download • Results not measured
  19. 19. The Findings Website: GPFA• Accomplishment • Vivid graphics• Challenges • Navigation lacks quality • No search feature or sitemap • Though graphics are vivid, there are not enough • PDFs can be slow to load • Traffic not monitored daily • Content is not updated regularly/news is not current
  20. 20. The Findings Websites: CGI and MyCommitment• Accomplishment • Clear content • Easy to navigate • Highly interactive• Challenges • Absence of fundraising components • No GPFA feature stories or press releases
  21. 21. THE STRATEGY
  22. 22. The Goals• Increase donor base by (#) contributors, and cultivate (#) new major donors by Fall 2009 Gala• Double the number of participants in GPFA’s young professionals group (possibly by creating several profession-specific groups) by the Fall 2009 Gala• Increase hits to GPFA’s website by (#) per month, within 6 months of site re-design• Increase e-mail list by (#) by the Fall 2009 Gala• Partner with (#) number of progressive and inter- faith religious groups by Ramadan 2009 to raise funds and awareness for GPFA
  23. 23. The Positioning Statement• The Global Partnership for Afghanistan is a nonprofit organization that works with the Afghan people to build a sustainable economy and restore the environment through the cultivation of orchards and wood-lots.• Also use as boilerplate language
  24. 24. The Target Audience• Progressive Religious Communities • Established history of working with impoverished peoples overseas• Young Professionals • GPFA already making inroads with this group• Supporters of Similar Progressive Causes • As assessed by Facebook membership, etc.• Afghan Americans
  25. 25. The Message Themes• Economic Security • Provide sustainable sources of income • In harmony with Afghan culture and values • Economic alternatives to poppy production • A viable economy = Safety
  26. 26. The Message Themes• Global Environmentalism • Cultivate trees to reverse devastating environmental damage • Generate sustainable, green economies • A cleaner, more productive and healthier environment for Afghanistan, its people, and the world
  27. 27. The Message Themes• Afghan Women • Afghan women and widows are direct beneficiaries • Helping male heads of households, benefitting families and communities
  28. 28. The Sample Messages• Problem • Afghans are struggling to support themselves in an environment that is devastated by war and poverty. Until there is a viable economy in Afghanistan, there is unlikely to be peace and security for Afghans or for the rest of the world
  29. 29. The Sample Messages• Solution • The Global Partnership for Afghanistan provides Afghans with the financing, tools and training to develop sustainable incomes through the planting and cultivation of orchards and wood lots. This benefits Afghan women and their families, provides alternatives to poppy cultivation, helps restore the environment and contributes to a more secure world for everyone
  30. 30. The Sample Messages• Action • Become part of the solution by donating to the Global Partnership for Afghanistan. Together we can make a real difference to Afghan families, their communities and to the whole world by improving the global environment and enhancing security for everyone
  31. 31. E-STRATEGIES
  32. 32. CRM/CMS• Nonprofit software for website, e-mail, and donor management• Aims to automate routine processes, boost donations, reduce paperwork and reliance on volunteers, and ultimately free up time
  33. 33. CRM/CMS Imagine if GPFA could• Create and maintain a personalized website without relying on a webmaster• Collect and process donations online• Provide self-service online event registration• Launch easy, low cost customized e-mail campaigns• Empower donors to support causes through member self-service features• Grow a strong online community of supporters with blogs, discussion forums, and an information center
  34. 34. CRM/CMS Why it’s the right solution for GPFA• Web based software provides easy access for staff and volunteers in the U.S. and Afghanistan• Designed to grow along with the organization• Board members can directly access the system to view current reports and statistics• Save money by using one system for website hosting, donor database, and e-mail tools• System is designed for use by non-technical users - if they can use Microsoft Word, they can use Wild Apricot• Automated features allow small staff to get more done
  35. 35. CRM/CMS An affordable solution• Enterprise Edition supports a donor database of up to 15,000 contacts for $200 per month• 10% discount for annual subscription• This flat fee includes system access and regular upgrades and support: no setup, customization, training, or per-transaction fees• Donor database import, website content transfer, and custom design can be purchased from third-party consultants.• Get started with a free 30-day trial account
  36. 36. The Website Immediate upgrades to maximize interest• Visually engaging • Neat, clean, professional • Consider color, font, headlines, concise text, photos • Time sensitive, consistent, up to date trends• Positive Messaging • Problem-Solution-Action platform • Success stories and pictures • Regular updates of newsletter, blog, dispatch, select news/feeds• User friendly • Clear and prominent navigation, join us, click here, search bar • FAQ’s and media access point • E-mail us, Tell-A-Friend, printer version, post to Facebook • Fine print, technical information at the bottom
  37. 37. The Website• Online Fundraising • Easy donation process • Make donations incremental and visual • How to get involved and tools• Technical Savvy • Embedded keywords for external searches • Connection speeds and screen sizes • Tie into YouTube/social networking sites/fundraising sites • Site visit counter and data analysis built in• Upgrades • Incorporate evolving tools and trends • Two way tie-ins to third party website • MyCommittment
  38. 38. E-mail• Database • Upgrade from Outlook • All contact e-mail addresses into database • Integration of e-mail sending with database and Wed management will make list information more robust – giving data, response rate, e-mail opens, website visits• Management • Automate outgoing, copy/pasting, receipt, thank you, and correspondence generation • Create separate donor list based on interests and donations • Federal compliance, mass mailing records • Manage “Sign up and get our emails” response from website • Record keeping on outgoing and incoming mass correspondence
  39. 39. E-mail• System and products need to be efficient and aligned to programs and timelines• E-Mailings • Develop regular monthly e-newsletter to maintain interest and drive traffic to website • Customize e-mails, consistent with other information products • Create opt-in, opt-out, tell-a-friend, subscribe, and unsubscribe functionality • Provide and follow privacy policy • Personalize messages• Website and E-mail integration• Synchronize appearance, online/offline, direct marketing• Measure results: open rate, click-through rate, response rate, abandonment rate, unsubscribe rate, forward rate, bounce rate, average loading time
  40. 40. THE TACTICS
  41. 41. Donor Involvement• Involve top donors• Develop leadership giving level: $1,000+• Signing fundraising letters• Matching gifts• Cause-related marketing initiatives
  42. 42. Media Exposure• Continue to monitor media coverage and exposure of competitors • KIVA, Once Acre Fund, Roots of Peace, Afghans for Tomorrow• Initiate media advocacy campaigns• Maximize online media opportunities (Clinton Global Initiative, Kiva partnership, blog comments, news sites)
  43. 43. Program Statistics• Program results• Highlight statistics on website• Provide benchmarks for comparison• Present in context, highlighting successes
  44. 44. Religious Groups• Partner with progressive churches, synagogues, and interfaith organizations• Targeted outreach to potential donors, supporters, and fundraisers• Provide online “toolkit” for each partner congregation• Materials serve as advocacy and fundraising guide
  45. 45. Religious GroupsExample communities and organizations• United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)• Times Square Church• Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA)• Union for Reform Judaism (URJ)• The Islamic Cultural Center (ICC)• The Dialogue Project• Union Theological Seminary - Interfaith Caucus• The NYC Young Muslim Professionals Meetup Group
  46. 46. The Tool Kit Potential ProjectsUnitarian Universalist "Action of the Month“• Engage UU Association’s social justice actions of the month• Every April UUA chooses an environmental causeVillage Sponsorship• Sponsorship of specific Afghanistan villages• Employ local fundraising tactics or GPFA’s tool kit• Receive annual basket of produce (nuts, dates, etc.) from villages• Receive before and after photos from villages
  47. 47. Do-It-Yourself Fundraising• Do-It-Yourself fundraising events help: • Raise funds • Increase awareness • Build relationships
  48. 48. Do-It-Yourself Fundraising Fundraising House Party• The most common form of DIY fundraising is the House Party – Primary elements • Invitation to a private home • Refreshments • Brief presentation • Host/peer asks for donations
  49. 49. Do-It-Yourself Fundraising Planning Process• GPFA should provide • For a subscription a downloadable party fee, party2win will planning kit manage a set – Sample kits found at number of house • Women for Women: www.womenforwomen.or parties per year g – • United States Campaign to Ban Landmines:
  50. 50. Do-It-Yourself Fundraising Party Themes• House Party ideas • Other fundraising • Cocktail party event ideas • Tea party • Movie screening • Brunch • Book reading • Dinner • Auction/raffle • Potluck • Art exhibit
  51. 51. The Hidden Treasures Event Hidden Treasures From The National Museum Of Kabul• Over 228 Artifacts dating back 2,000 years• From 2200 BC to AD 200 • Bronze and Stone Sculptures • Ivories • Painted GlasswareWork with GPFA: • Host concurrent, linked event in the same city • Arrange for private donor exhibit tours
  52. 52. Promotional Ideas• Environmentally-friendly promotional items that would complement GPFA’s mission • Branded flower, vegetable or herb seed packets • Plantable bookmarks or postcards • Saplings • Raisin Packets (similar to 2008 Gala)• These items to be handed out at events and house parties or be included in mailings
  53. 53. Branding Language E- Newsletter • The Seedling • The Leaf and Flower • Horticulture and HopeYoung Professionals Group • Professional Branches • GPFA Advisory Council •Growing Globally
  54. 54. Branding LanguageReligious Community Partners • Hope and a Higher Power • Alliance for Hope • Harvesting Hope Hardister’s Dispatch • From the Vine •Treecast •A Viable Voice
  55. 55. THANK YOU! YOUMake Waves Impact Marketingand the students of Milano areproud to be part of the importantwork of GPFA.