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  1. 1. TRMA 585 P1: Developing AProfessional Online Identity Spring 2012 BONNIE HUFF
  3. 3. LINKEDIN• My LinkedIn profile:•  A great way to network and make connections in your field. Also you can join groups such as AAMFT and Trauma intervention groups.• Companies will typically check your references before hiring you, I never thought of checking my prospective manager’s references? LinkedIn could be a way to scope out the people that work at the company youre applying to.
  4. 4. ONLINE PRIVACY• Online Privacy is a huge concern• I particularly liked this article• Realizing that what you post can be an “internet tattoo” and your best line of defense is regulating yourself. Don’t put out what you don’t want seen.• Keep it professional.
  5. 5. TWITTER #TRMA585• Loved learning about how to professionally use Twitter!• Loved this youtube video!• Tweeting is much more fun than I thought it would be, and I love all the sites and awareness that it brought to important causes.•!/BonnieMHuff
  6. 6. GOOGLE PLUS (G+)• I had set up a Google+ account before I took this course but rarely checked it.• I appreciated setting up the Google alerts! I enjoy a lot of the information I get sent most days.• I have also started a picture blog and connected it my Google+ account.•• y So m e o f m hs. photograp
  7. 7. PROFESSIONAL FACEBOOK PAGES• I have yet to make a professional Facebook page.• I still just use it for personal use with friends and family.• I feel more comfortable using other professional sites but I do see the value it making a professional Facebook page if I had a private practice. This site has a lot of benefits listed.
  8. 8. LEARNING FROM MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS & ORGANIZATIONS• I really appreciated Julie Hanks and al of her helpful insights to posting and blogging as a professional.• I loved looking at other examples of current therapists as well. The way they had their sites setup with blogs and links to helpful articles gave me such inspiration!
  9. 9. BLOGS: BLOGGER, WORDPRESS, TUMBLR, POSTEROUS• The only blogging I have done is posting some of my photography.• I had no idea all of the options out there for blogging!!! I love the idea of using blogs in a professional site!• My favorite blogging sites:• Tumblr• Blogger• Wordpress
  11. 11. MANAGING YOUR ONLINE IDENTITY• There are a lot of components to managing an online identity.• Hoot suite was one of my favorite learning experiences during this course! Though it’s not for everyone, I feel that it will be a great resource for me.
  12. 12. WEBSITES & DOMAIN NAMES• I learned a lot about domain names and creating a website, especially a professional site. This will definitely help prepare me to make a professional site in the future, if I choose to do so.• Again Julie Hanks is so awesome!
  13. 13. HAVING AN IMPACT• Having a voice that matters!• How we utilize social media does make all the difference.• Education, helping others and bringing awareness are all ways that empowers all of us to have an impact!• An excellent example:
  14. 14. GOALS & STRATEGIES• Bring awareness through social media sites!• Utilize information to benefit others!• Be professional!• Have a voice that matters!
  15. 15. SLIDESHARE• I was not aware of Slideshare until this course.• It’s a great way to share informational powerpoint presentations!• Loved this presentation: Tourettes Syndrome:
  16. 16. FINAL THOUGHTS• I consider myself fairly technology savvy but I was pleasantly surprised by all that I learned from this course.• I have never been interested much in blogging but after learning about all the ways to professional educate and spread awareness, I think I might!• I love Slideshare! I had no idea it existed but I see all the future potential for projects and resources it can have!