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Rwjf games to generate data competition 022213

  1. 1. RWJF: Games to Generate Data Challenge The GameMetrix Solutions Team (GameMetrix) proposes to develop an online Trivia GamePlatform. The trivia game platform will engage patients to become activated in the self-management oftheir health or chronic condition and generate rich health profile information for personal and physicianfeedback. The game will engage the patient by using familiar trivia play and game mechanics such aspersonal dashboards, community challenges, leaderboards and recognitions to track and rewardprogress. Game play data will provide continuous engagement outside of clinical care visits with insightsinto patient knowledge and preferences while giving physicians access to this information. The Trivia Game Platform will have broad scalability for the health and wellness industry and theAligning Forces geographies in particular. The platform’s design envisions its potential to extend thedevelopment costs of a flexible, simple, and secure platform across many client-defined instances. Theplatform will be designed for ease of configuration to meet client-defined needs. Configuration of healthcontent, data gathered, and branding are examples. The platform reduces the cost and risk of gameimplementation while speeding the time to market. GameMetrix ( is a business to business, software as a service(SAAS) technology company offering a game-based, data gathering platform for consumer healthcompanies. We offer games and game mechanic solutions to create engagement, drive communityparticipation, educate and reinforce brand messaging. To deliver this solution, GameMetrix hasassembled a world class team of system and data engineers, game designers, copywriters, gamedevelopers, visualization and social community experts. TRIVIA GAME PLATFORM OVERVIEW GameMetrix offers a flexible, simple, secure platform to provide embedded games and gamemechanics for the health and wellness markets. Our patent allows for customizable health content forcustomer-driven goals, integrated data gathering and analytics, and full integration with social andcommunity features across PC and mobile devices. Page 1
  2. 2. GameMetrix is developing a versatile online trivia game platform that we can use with a varietyof health and wellness clients. This “plug and play” integration solution makes it easy for clients to adddifferent types of trivia games based on the client and patient requirements. We combine medicalinformation with proven game play design to offer fun, engaging trivia games. Trivia games will beplayable across PC browser and mobile devices (mobile app or web based depending on clientrequirements).Key features of the trivia Game platform:  Engagement and Education - We combine medical information with proven game mechanics designed to offer fun, engaging and educational trivia games – and offer achievement and rewards system to compel engagement, retention and program completing.  Customization - Trivia games can be customized to the specific patient focus. Content can be refreshed often as well as personalized to allow for performance based knowledge improvement. The trivia game will also allow for visual skinning to be seamlessly integrated into clients brands and communications messaging.  Platform Approach - Our trivia game platform gives us the ability to leverage this experience across a broad spectrum of clients and patients. It also allows the game to be playable across PC and mobile devices.  Data and Analytics - GameMetrix is a data gathering company that uses games and game mechanics to create ongoing and a deep engagement. GameMetrix games will collect and report consumer answers and habits providing focused feedback to clients and providing opportunity for brand knowledge improvement. It is all about the analytics.“WHY TRIVIA GAMES” Trivia Games are lots of fun. They can be educational in game play and content, are highlycompetitive and the games produce a clear game result which is good for the player/patient and fordata gathering. The trivia game format offers a wide variety of game play experiences and allows for theuse of multimedia for a heightened play experience. Trivia Games embody a powerful set of human motivators: achievement, competition,collaboration, learning and improvement, communication and self-expression. They require time setaside for pleasure rather than labor. Trivia Games provide a unique sense of fun – a delight in ourexploration and experience of the world and the constant small surprises. Trivia Games, different thanany other medium, provide experiential learning.TRIVIA GAME MECHANICS AND HEALTH CONTENT Trivia game content will go beyond text into multi-media experiences by using audio, video andanimation trivia. Games will combine medical information with creative game design and developmentto build ongoing and meaningful patient engagements. Games will address a a core challenge ofreducing medical jargon into everyday language and experiences. The GameMetrix trivia game platform can play the following trivia game patterns − Questions and Answers − Answers and Questions − Multiple Choice Page 2
  3. 3. − True/False − Survey (Survey Says!) It is all about the “fun!” We create exciting ways to deliver very high level medical informationthat can be converted into creative, unique experiences in game play. We want the GameMetrix triviagame engine to be known for its ability to deeply engage the patient/user, offer solid analytics to ourclients, and springboard player experiences into gamification programs for ongoing community activity. GameMetrix health and wellness content is developed by a collaboration of client information,game design mechanics and copywriting. We partner with known consumer brands that have a triviapositioning (like Jeopardy/Trivial Pursuit). GameMetrix will deliver a fun and engaging trivia gameexperience and will pay attention to how content copy is delivered. We fully expect that GameMetrixclients will want specific health content to be incorporated into the GameMetrix trivia game platformsystem. This will allow for a personalized experience for our clients and their end users.GAMIFICATION  Gamification is the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context in order to engage users and solve problems.  The GameMetrix Trivia Game Platform includes gamification techniques offering achievements and incentives to encourage deep engagement through recognition and behavioral modification. This leads to higher levels of measured success and patients who complete the program.  Gamification programs can be customized to provide specific information to client patients as it pertains to status in the specific health and/or wellness program.DIGITAL PLATFORMS GameMetrix will offer the health and wellness trivia game on the following hardware platforms: − Online (Website) − Mobile (iOS, Android and possibly Microsoft Mobile and Blackberry) − Social (Facebook) − Interactive TV (Apple TV / Google TV)PATENT GameMetrix has patented the ability to utilize games and game mechanics to customize gamecontent to specific market verticals, “A GAMING PLATFORM FOR CUSTOMIZATION OF GAMEPLAY ANDGAME CONTENT”. Measurable data can then be collected and reported to both the client andconsumer. This allows GameMetrix the opportunity to show data and analytics to brand owners, andalso, to offer gamification techniques (such as achievements and leader boards), to the end usercommunity. The trivia game engine is built on the GameMetrix patent. SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION – TRIVIA GAME PLATFORM The GameMetrix platform back end provides authentication and the user database. It is built using Rubyon Rails and hosted on the EngineYard Cloud. The trivia game engine will present a login/password dialog to theuser, obtain a session key from the platform, and use that session key to identify the user in all subsequentinteractions with the platform. Page 3
  4. 4. The trivia game engine will use the platform back end to request trivia questions, answers, andrelated media (e.g. audio) for the logged-in user. This platform approach allows us to provide contentthat is fresh, user-customized, categorized, etc. Due to the need to support mobile web (iOS, Android,and other platforms), and the unavailability of Flash on the iOS platform, the trivia game engine will beimplemented in HTML5-based technologies are preferred. Technologies like Sencha Touch which wouldallow code reuse between desktop web, mobile web, and native app are preferred. IMPLEMENTATION EXAMPLES AND CONCEPTSDIABETESGAME.COM GameMetrix already has experience with key features of the Trivia Game Engine through itsdevelopment site – This site has had over 300 unique users and has been usedto test several key value propositions that have led to the Trivia Game Engine concept. These included:appeal of trivia games for frequent play and long-term engagement; use of trivia games to define healthcontent around a clinical care model and collect individual and population data; the ability to integratewith existing client recognition and reward systems; the value of leaderboards to increase gameplay;and simple low cost client integration.The following collection of webpages provides an overview of the key trivia game and gamificationfeature sets engaged its users.ALIGNING FORCES GEOGRAPHIES – POSSIBLE DIABETES APPLICATION Many of the Aligning Forces geographies have developed health measures around diabetes care,lab tests and hospital and ER utilization. While the platform can engage around any health or chroniccondition content, we have provided an example of an integrated game system design that would linkthe diabetes patient with their physician. Game content would be diabetes self-management specific. We can use a widely published set ofcontent such as the AADE7 Self-Help Behaviors (already developed for orinput content around another medical care model such as the ADA. Additional information will be askedin game regarding personal preferences, commitments to take action, and barriers to success.Here is a diagram of how game and data would flow: Page 4
  5. 5. DATA GENERATION AND INTEGRATION CONCEPT The Trivia Game Engine has significant potential for generating data depending on the specifichealth application and the health goals of the client. This data can be utilized for the individual patient, acommunity group or broader population segments. This data can be integrated with health measuresand performance goals at any of these levels, including much of the data and scorecards generated bythe Aligning Forces geographies. The game play example described above shows the knowledge profile of a patient about theAADE7 Self-Management behaviors for diabetes. These individual profiles can be used for personal self-direction and motivation as well as by healthcare providers and caregivers to provide coaching andmedical interventions. GameMetrix has envisioned the possibility to develop a series of increasinglyintegrated data sets reported out as dashboards for all vested groups: patients, doctors, physicianpractices, and MHQP.Patient’s Personal Dashboard Data - The patient will havea personal page that will be similar in design to the oneshown here and could include the following: • Knowledge about the AADE7 • Collection of personal preferences as suggestions for future action • Specific commitments agreed to and level of completion • Listing of personal barriers and opportunity to comment further • Community leaderboards showing performance in the groupPhysician Dashboard Data – the physician report could integrate patient game profile data and medicalrecord data. It would also have the potential to integrate Aligning Forces data metrics such as scores Page 5
  6. 6. and or rankings of physician practices regarding diabetes performance or other utilization data averagessuch as emergency visits and lab tests. In this example below, the Patient AADE7 Performance Data is tracked over time. The physicianswould get a scorecard (leaderboard) that shows their entire patient population’s AADE7 knowledgescores which could be benchmarked across a physician practice or even all physician groups in theAligning Forces database. Individual profiles are provided to suggest clinical or coaching interventionsfor individual patient care.Physicians practices could analyze population results to understand patient segments in order to targetprograms to reduce unnecessary emergency department visits, to increase compliance rates withtreatment plans, to generate higher clinical quality measures, and to improve health outcomes. The game data will be integrated with Massachusetts Health Quality Partners’ (MHQP) ClinicalQuality and Patient Experience data as well as Alliance for Appropriate and Affordable Healthcare (TripleA-H) demographic data. The combined data set will provide information to develop meaningfulpopulation segments in order to design uniquely targeted community solutions to reach these goals.Aligning Forces Dashboard Data – GameMetrix has also envisioned the ability to provide a scorecard forall of the above data for the broader geography or even across all geographies. The data would providerich insight into patient knowledge, patient level of activation, patient reported barriers, physicianactions, physician knowledge, clinical quality measures, emergency visits, and health outcomes. Thiswould create a basis for awards and recognition. The data could also be used to develop success profilesfor patients and physicians and to develop a cluster of segment attributes and more specific programsfor those segments COMMUNITY DEPLOYMENT APPROACH The Trivia Game Engine could be implemented across any or all of the Aligning Forcesgeographies and targeted to any of the community health priorities they are targeting, tracking andmeasuring. GameMetrix would work with RJWF to determine the early adopter to focus developmentefforts. As referenced above, it may be most practical to continue to focus on diabetes patients andtheir physicians because many geographies are tracking this problem and have developed measures forprimary care physicians working with these patients. It would also build on GameMetrix’s prior work. Community deployment in this case could target a physician practice or an entire geography. Thedeployment team would involve AF Leadership groups as well as physicians to determine the care modeland health content to be targeted and to define the key measures to focus on. Physicians would be Page 6
  7. 7. asked to recommend the game to their patients. Patients would be supported with materials to providethem with an introduction to the game such as flyers, videos, or similar marketing materials. Playerswould be allowed a trial period where they could play the first level of the game (Initial PatientAssessment) without having to register. Once they have completed the level and want to keep theirscore and continue, then they would need to register. This will greatly increase participation. Once we get a player in the game, there will be levels with a rewards system to encourageengagement and retention. Depending on the adopting geography and particular partners, we can alsoinclude real world prizes at the completion of a certain number of levels. Leaderboards and badges willbe attractive to certain players too. SCALING THE SOLUTION The GameMetrix Trivia Game Engine has broad scaling potential both with respect to individualhealth content, the target patient population, and the client brand positioning. We can scale both withadditional clients and by growing current clients’ installed base of users. Our games can adapt todifferent health and wellness needs depending on the specific needs and requirements of our clients.GameMetrix can also grow with the client and offer new and exciting games and content to retainongoing patients. The platform also offers wide-ranging potential to develop and deploy other gameformats to further engage patients and integrate data captured across these games. GameMetrix believes that the Trivia Game Engine could be developed and ready for deploymentin the 3 to 4 month time frame depending on the feature set required by the adopting geography orclient. The GameMetrix Solutions Team Tom Dusenberry, Chief Games Officer / Game Industry Veteran Tom Dusenberry is and the CHIEF GAME OFFICER of GameMetrix and the Founder of DusenberryEntertainment. He is a creative, strategic thinker who has been involved in the games industry for the past 30years and Games for Health over the past 6 years. A former CEO of Hasbro Interactive, and Atari, Tomis closely associated with great games such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Frogger, Star Wars, NASCAR, RollerCoaster Tycoon and hundreds of other well know game brands. His career focus is in digital entertainment andmedia content applications. Tom is currently active in the internet games market, mobile entertainment, socialnetworking, and interactive app toy areas. He is also the owner of patented, In-Theater InteractiveEntertainment/Movie Games, a breakthrough game platform that brings interaction to the movie theater screenby utilizing smart phones/tablets as controller devices. Bob Welch, Game Designer / Gamification Bob is an interactive entertainment and game industry veteran who combines design, productionmanagement and business development skills to create successful, sustainable and profitable products. Bobworks across multiple platforms having launched mobile, online, PC and video games as well as traditional toys & Page 7
  8. 8. games. Bob has worked with small development teams and international brands/publishers including Hasbro,Atari, Infogrames, Fisher-Price, Mattel, Sony, Parker Brothers, Super-Ego Games, WeeWorld, HappyGiant andViximo. Bob also works with ecommerce and B2B companies like and ongamification initiatives. Brent Nordquist, Technology Specialist Brent Nordquist has over 25 years experience in software development, systems administration, andtechnical project management. For the last 7 years his focus has been the development of scalable web-basedapplications using Ruby on Rails, Java and web services, LAMP stack, and other frameworks. This has includedimplementation of web designs using HTML/CSS/JS/Ajax/jQuery with care to produce a faithful rendering. Brenthas successfully implemented several agile development practices for his teams to increase software quality andreduce time to market. Bob Conte, Copywriter Bob Conte is a business writer, editor, and communications consultant based in southern New Hampshire.He works with a broad range of local, national and global organizations, and has received many industry awardsfor his work across the communications spectrum. He has extensive health and wellness industry experience, andrecently co-authored an e-book about transforming the harmful financial incentives within U.S. health care.Previously, Bob was creative director for one of New England’s leading advertising and marketing firms. Bob isalso the author of a textbook on American music. Bonnie Henry, CEO / Health and Wellness Industry Veteran Bonnie is the CEO of GameMetrix and has 28 years of proven entrepreneurial and leadership experienceacross multiple industries; 13 of those years with P&L responsibility. Her success in launching new ventures bothinternally and externally is supported by her unique blend of experience as a successful entrepreneur, generalmanager, and strategy consultant. She has worked with both large and early stage companies including: Frito-Lay,Pillsbury, Estée Lauder, Ross Stores, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and Scottish Rite Children’sHospital. Bonnie is the inventor of GameMetrix’s pending patent – “A Gaming Platform for Customization ofGameplay and Game Content. Page 8