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Personal Branding


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Personal Branding, Why it Matters to Indys!

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Personal Branding

  1. 1. Why it Matters to Indys!
  2. 2. What is Personal Branding? It’s the process by which we market ourselves to others. Personal branding is, for some people, a description of the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands. the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self- packaging; this includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge contained within. WIKIPEDIA:
  3. 3. Why does it matter? You need to be in control of who you are, how you are perceived and what you want to be known for.
  4. 4. Who Is Doing It Well?
  5. 5. And Not So Well…
  6. 6. The Personal Branding Equation Image + Message + Knowledge + Customer Experience
  7. 7. Getting Started Pull it together – brand mantra (3 to 5 words capable of creating transformation) Emotional appeal Determine your description Determine your function Source: Forbes Woman
  8. 8. Getting Started Survey clients and colleague Identify strengths Focus on niche  
  9. 9. Getting Started genuine, passion, enthusiastic, professional, fun, approachable social media, writing, media relations, strategy, organization, personal branding creative, writing, big-picture thinker, relationship-builder Emotional Appeal Description Function
  10. 10. My Brand Mantra Inspire change; make a difference.
  11. 11. Other Mantras Swim in your own pond Make change Create and conquer
  12. 12. How to do it
  13. 13. Online Keys to Success Be consistent with your image – show a visual link between all online assets Let your personality shine Cross-promote online and in the real world
  14. 14. How to do it Image, Traditional Marketing and Branding Elements, Customer Experience Real World
  15. 15. Real World Keys to Success I am committed to working with clients to share messages that matter. I develop strategic communications plans that combine the power of public relations, social media, marketing and community investment to deliver a strong ROI. For 20 years, I’ve specialized in strategic public relations, working both in the media and with the media. I’ve watched my industry transform and I’ve adapted with it. As a sole practitioner, I believe in the power of relationships, connection and collaboration. My desire is to work with your team and help you become more successful with your stakeholders. When required, I draw on my extensive network of creative and communications colleagues to assemble the right talent for your project, while remaining your project manager and primary contact. their world and connecting with the people that will contribute to your success. Whether you have an inspirational story of hope, a hot new product, a complicated issue to deal with or a great track record of leadership and success, let me help you tell your story. I’ve earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree (English major; Political Science minor) from the University of Alberta; Additional work samples available upon request. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Developing strategic marketing communications plans that help companies reach their target markets in Helping companies understand how PR, social media, marketing and community investment work together to build great brands traditional and online journalists to create meaningful stories Developing social media plans and calendars to get the conversation started and build your online communities Writing compelling copy that tells your story for web, social media networks, brochures and newsletters Maximizing social media/PRsynergies to spread the word about amazing individuals, charities or companies Leveraging a network of talented communications colleagues, if needed, to get media coverage and measurable results for all clients Bonnie Elgie PROFILE Professional pieces
  16. 16. Personal Branding Dos Be positive and passionate Be consistent Communicate your brand Be visible Become an expert
  17. 17. Personal Branding Don’ts Misrepresent yourself Neglect to observe social media etiquette Underestimate the importance of image Forget the “personal” in personal branding Make it all about you
  18. 18. Conclusion "Mo st succe ssfulm e n have no t achie ve d the ir distinctio n by having so m e ne w tale nt o r o ppo rtunity pre se nte d to the m . The y have de ve lo pe d the o ppo rtunity that was at hand. "   – Bruce Barton
  19. 19. Bonnie Elgie, APR