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Test prep model bonner congress


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The University of Houston (UH) Bonner Test Preparation Model offers a framework to other Bonner schools to start their own test preparation program(s). The UH Bonner program has been operating an SAT entrance test preparation program, “Lobo Prep,” for four years with a history of data-driven success. Interested Bonners can learn about Lobo Prep’s tutoring and mentoring model.

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Test prep model bonner congress

  1. 1. The UH Bonner Test Prep Model: Increasing the Availability of SAT and College Preparatory Services Karina Bhattacharya
  2. 2. The Proposal Income inequality in education University mentors to mentor low-income students on the SAT/ACT and to guide with college admissions
  3. 3. History Spring 2015: Group review Fall 2015: Subject mentors Fall 2016: College Prep, Mentors for all subjects Spring 2017: Website Fall 2017: Leadership roles
  4. 4. Lobo Prep Cesar Chavez High School ➔ SAT and College Preparation ➔ Semester-long program ➔ Senior program
  5. 5. ImpACT KIPP Sunnyside High School ACT Test Preparation Short, intensive program
  6. 6. Part 1: Framework
  7. 7. Framework 1) Fall and Spring Schedules and Curriculum Outline 2) Lobo Data Report 3) Leaders’ Guide
  8. 8. Data (SY 2016-2017) 1) Averaged 26 hours of instruction over 11 weeks 2) SAT scores increased by an average of 84 points 3) Scores increased 2.82 points per hour attended
  9. 9. Timeline ➔ Manual edits ➔ Recruit mentors ➔ Training mentors ➔ Contacting school to recruit students ➔ Publish curriculum calendar ➔ Diagnostic Exam ➔ Sessions ➔ Official SAT ➔ Data analysis
  10. 10. Part 2: Student Manual
  11. 11. Part 3: Teaching Manual
  12. 12. Thank you!