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Program management 7 28-10


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Program management 7 28-10

  1. 1. The Bonner Program: Program Management “Access to Education, Opportunity to Serve” A program of: The Corella & Bertram Bonner Foundation 10 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 (609) 924-6663 • (609) 683-4626 fax For more information, please visit our website at
  2. 2. Management Structure
  3. 3. Program Management: Bonner Program — Staffing & Student Roles • Staffing Expectations - Bonner Scholar Program: 40:1 FTE - Bonner Leader Program: lead staff assigned to direct - Bonner Director reports to Senior Administrator • Leverage available positions (e.g.,VISTAs) • Student Roles: - Senior Intern(s)—training, site liaison, administration - Two Congress Representatives—student voice & leadership - Student Leadership Team & committee structure —class meetings, projects, community fund - Bonner student liaison with campus-wide student leadership structure
  4. 4. Program Management: Start-Up Model Start Up Model — Limited Staff - Bonner Program Director may wear multiple hats - Begin with 5-10 students - Progressively add more student each year (by class) - Link to campus-wide service programs from outset Bonner Program Director Other Campus Faculty/Staff (manages Bonner Program) (engaged in community service learning) Bonner Leaders Student Service Programs (5-10 students — 2 serve as Congress Reps) (campus-wide volunteer management)
  5. 5. Program Management: Bonner Program — Staffing & Student Roles Center Director (manages Center & oversees Bonner Program) Bonner Coordinator Other Center Staff (manages Bonner Program) (manage other programs) VISTAs (training, enrichment, community partnerships) Senior Intern(s) Site/Project Coordinators (training, enrichment, community partnerships) (campus-wide volunteer management) Bonner Student Leadership Team Bonner Congress Reps (class reps, committees, community fund) (Foundation link, student voice, special projects)
  6. 6. Program Management: Established Model Center Director (manages Center & oversees Bonner Program) VISTAs Other Campus Faculty/Staff (training, enrichment, community partnerships) (engaged in community service learning) Bonner Program Director Service Learning/CBR Staff (manages Bonner Program) (supporting academically-based service) Bonner Scholars & Leaders Site/Project Coordinators (20-100 students — 2 serve as Congress Reps) (campus-wide volunteer management) Community Service Work-Study Other Student Service Projects/Clubs (one-year commitment by student) (1x or occasional service projects)
  7. 7. Program Management: Carson-Newman College Bonner Center for Service Learning & Civic Engagement President Dean of the School Provost of Social Sciences Nonprofit Engaged Leadership & Social Scholarship Director Entrepreneurship Committee Studies Bonner Center Community Bonner Scholars Administrative Connections Coordinator Assistant Coordinator (VISTA) Bonner Student Leadership Team
  8. 8. Map your org chart, including staff & student roles
  9. 9. Management Roles
  10. 10. Program Management: Community Partnerships Agency Student Coordinator Coordinator Volunteers
  11. 11. Program Management: Community Partnerships — Team Roles Team Roles Expectations • attends summer orientation Agency Site Supervisor • collaborates on developing annual site-based plan (lead agency/site administrator working with site coordinator) • meets regularly with site coordinator Student Site Coordinator • collaborates on developing annual site-based plan (responsible for managing partnership with the school & serves as link • meets regularly with site supervisor to campus director or coordinator) • leads weekly site-based student team meetings • meets regularly with site coordinator Student Project Coordinator • develops project plan (responsible for particular project or event at the school) • recruits & supervises volunteers for project Regular Volunteers • attend weekly site/project team meetings (responsible for particular project within the school) • volunteer at site Occasional Volunteers • volunteer at site (serve at one-time events at the school)
  12. 12. Program Management: Community Partnerships — Structure Faculty, Campus Center Community Advisory Administrators & Staff Board Other Offices Site-Based Team Site-Based Team Site-Based Team Site-Based Team Big Brother/Big Sister Soup Kitchen WaterWatch Adult Education (Mentoring) (Hunger) (Environment) Site-Based Team Site-Based Team Site-Based Team Housing Aging Population Immigration
  13. 13. Program Management: Student Leaders Roles Meetings & Position Responsibility Support • Team management at service site Site-Based • Issues-based research - Student Handbook Live Team Leader • Site project coordinator - student-initiated team meetings • Represent class on the student leadership team - Student Handbook Live Class Rep • Familiarity with the student development model - student leadership team meetings • Represent their Bonner program to the Network - Summer Leadership Institute Congress Rep • Bring the Network back to their Bonner program - Fall Congress Meeting • Create & lead project to strengthen program • Assist staff with general program management • Take on special projects - Summer Leadership Institute Senior Intern - Fall Congress Meeting • Plan, facilitate, & supervise Bonner meetings, trainings, and activities 13
  14. 14. Team Mtgs Staff Student Leaders Community Partners Summer Orientation/Planning Orientation/Planning Orientation/Planning Week 1 Monday Meeting Tuesday Meeting Week 2 Monday Meeting Week 3 Monday Meeting Tuesday Meeting Week 4 Monday Meeting Phone/Email Check-In Week 5 Monday Meeting Tuesday Meeting Week 6 Monday Meeting Week 7 Monday Meeting Tuesday Meeting Week 8 Monday Meeting Phone/Email Check-In Week 9 Monday Meeting Tuesday Meeting Week 10 Monday Meeting Week 11 Monday Meeting Tuesday Meeting Week 12 Monday Meeting Phone/Email Check-In Week 13 Monday Meeting Tuesday Meeting Week 14 Monday Meeting Week 15 Monday Meeting Tuesday Meeting Planning Meeting
  15. 15. Program Management: Bonner/Senior Intern Leadership • 1 or more (some schools have 3) motivated rising Seniors (or Juniors) who serve in key program management roles Who? • Primary placement for 10 hours/week is with Bonner Program • Have demonstrated and developed leadership qualities throughout program (or on campus for new programs) • Identify students who have strong understanding of Bonner Program and/or how service is organized on your campus How to pick? • Groom students in Junior year (or before); some Senior Interns start in the summer before their year • Many Senior Interns were Congress Reps or had strong role in program • Coordinate the Bonner Leadership Team (students) • Organize meetings, training, & enrichment activities What they do? • Help manage service sites, serving as a liaison between students, sites, and administrative team • Help manage BWBRS • Senior Interns have track at Summer Leadership Institute When & Where? • Next year may be at Siena College 15
  16. 16. Program Management: Bonner Congress Leadership • Two motivated students who show leadership potential and a desire to improve your program, school, and community Who? • Willing to communicate with peers, the Foundation, and other schools • Will make a commitment above and beyond their regular service hours • Educate yourself and prospective students on the role • Work with students to identify idea for their Congress Proposal How to pick? • Create a process that includes student voice (voting, presentations, nomination committee) and administrator input • Design & implement a plan for a big idea to build or strengthen their Bonner Program, campus, or community What they do? • Collaborate with other Reps on their projects, and learn from the examples of other campus programs • Attend two meetings annually where they represent their campus program • Online (emails, Bonner Congress Group, Wiki) When & Where? • Fall Meeting • Summer Leadership Institute 16
  17. 17. Program Management: Congress — What’s the Big Idea? 17
  18. 18. Program Management: Bonner Congress Roles • Represent, Build, Lead • Identify a concrete initiative to build and/ or strengthen: • community impact • student development • campus-wide culture • Submit a Big Idea Proposal (with input from staff and interns) 18
  19. 19. Program Management: Congress Networking Tools • Congress Wiki Page captures helpful information • Representatives submit proposal on Wiki • Big Idea Resource Center and training resources provide support • Bonner Advisory Board members help network
  20. 20. Program Management: Bonner Advisory Board • Launched in January • Open application • Now 10 members • Constitution, roles, work plans developed • Networking • Best Practice Sharing
  21. 21. Working Session • Review list of functions & job titles/ descriptions • Draft ideas for Leadership Team structure and meeting schedule
  22. 22. Draft Student Leadership Team structure & meeting schedule
  23. 23. Bonner Networking & Social Media Tools
  24. 24. Program Management: Weekly Email Update • Announcements • Upcoming Events and Meetings • Jobs and Internships • Conferences & Professional Development • Foundation Initiatives
  25. 25. Program Management: Bonner Student Intern Networking Tools • Bonner Intern Wiki Page delves into their roles • Links to helpful resources for program management • Topical sharing on projects (e.g., First-Year Orientation Agendas) • Reinforces Foundation- led training
  26. 26. Program Management: Monthly Student Newsletter • Monthly themes (tied to calendar) • School Spotlights • Best Practices • Innovations • Student Contributions (BAB) • Links to Discussion Opportunities (Blog)
  27. 27. Program Management: Bonner Networking on Facebook • National Bonner Network (1185 members) • Bonner Alumni Network (279 members) • School Groups and Fan Pages (40+) • See: +National+Network+-+Facebook+Usage
  28. 28. Program Management: Bonner YouTube Channel • Playlists with training videos and screen casts • BWBRS • AmeriCorps • Bonner Video Project — over 120 videos created by programs • Campus Profiles • Partner Profiles • Training & Enrichment • Issues
  29. 29. Program Management: Wiki • Bonner Network Wiki ✓ Campus Profile Pages (annual reports and regular updates) ✓ Initiatives and Working Groups • Campus Program and Center Wikis ✓ 60+ campuses have ✓ Copy and paste best features • Specific Project Wikis ✓ For example, CBR planning with faculty
  30. 30. Anyone with account can edit Share key forms, handbooks, etc. Embed Calendar, Video, Slideshows
  31. 31. A simple profile introduces your community partners. Site-based teams manage & share work.
  32. 32. Customize design Links to other resources
  33. 33. Program Management: BWBRS — Bonner Reporting 34
  34. 34. Program Management: Strategic Social Media • Why? What do you want to get done? ✓ Inform ✓ Inspire ✓ Network ✓ Broadcast ✓ Support • How? ✓ Blogs | Wikis | Facebook | Twitter | Email | LinkedIn | YouTube
  35. 35. Campus-Wide Collaboration
  36. 36. Campus-Wide Collaboration: Considerations for Where Bonner is Housed • Governance (best department or division) - Student affairs vs. academic affairs - Other innovative options • Access to resources • Visibility and location - Access to students - Access to faculty - Culture of service • Institutional respect and future promise
  37. 37. Campus-Wide Collaboration: Considerations for Where to House Bonner Type Strengths Concerns Other Fails to become integrated at Fit with broader departmental the institution’s core; lack of Many campuses have started Student Affairs mission; student-led programs; curricular change; co-curricular from this vantage point can reach larger scale devaluation May build around the Service can be episodic if only Having program under capacities of faculty & students tied to courses; lack of student Academic Affairs and, with care, meet more voice and leadership; staff Academic Affairs does not guarantee curricular change complex community desires driven Student & Campus can provide a broader Lack of coordination can lead This strategy may be equally Academic Affairs range of student & faculty to frustration; students often effective; it largely depends on involvement and types of civic left to navigate options on the leadership & resources (separate but coordinated) engagement their own Leverages resources from & Integrated Center change within curricular and Coordination and decision- (‘hub’ where curricular & co-curricular; high potential for making may involve more time campus-wide & people co-curricular are combined) institutionalization
  38. 38. Campus-Wide Collaboration: Networking with Key Stakeholders on Campus Academic Student Life/Affairs Admissions Shared training; calendar; student Departments recruitment, selection, diversity CBR,, SL groups courses, minor Career Services Chaplain/Religious career advising, fairs, trainings, Bonner Life nonprofit career exploration, internships Program vocation; advising; enrichment workshops Multicultural International Affairs Public Relations Affairs media, news, webpages diversity, training, recruitment, study abroad, trips, internships community relations
  39. 39. Program Management: Campus Examples • Carson-Newman College
  40. 40. Campus-Wide Collaboration: Institutional Support—Some Key Levers • Bonner Director/Program access to senior leadership • Financial support for students to engage in service • Visibility in online and written communications (from recruiting to alumni news) • Faculty involvement and curriculum reform • Central place for service & civic engagement in defining mission, strategic plans, and budget priorities
  41. 41. Campus-Wide Collaboration: What You Can Do • Strategically build your staff—starting with students • Creatively consider new programs—from more Federal Work Study placements to partnering with national organizations • Integrate, integrate, integrate • Communicate frequently, positively, and strategically with those above you—manage up • Build a core constituency or a working committee of key stakeholders to plan next stages