Presentation for the AACU Annual Meeting (Ariane Hoy, A Crucible Moment)


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How the Bonner Foundation and Network is aiming to translate A Crucible Moment into practice through the High-Impact Initiative.

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Presentation for the AACU Annual Meeting (Ariane Hoy, A Crucible Moment)

  1. 1. What A Crucible Moment Has Inspired... an aim to spread “best practice ascommon practice;” integrate high-impact learning and high-impact communityengagement; and multiply and deepen civically engaged learning Ariane Hoy, Bonner Foundation •
  2. 2. “It is time to bring two national priorities– career preparation and increased access and completion rates–together in a more comprehensive vision with a third national priority: fostering informed, engaged, responsible citizens.”Connect and scale proven strategies for:• access and success (service-based scholarships)• promoting Full Participation (diversity/inclusivity)• multiyear, scaffolded experiences–across the curriculum and co-curriculum• intentional engagement that produces Civic- Minded Professionals and democratic citizens.
  3. 3. The Bonner High-Impact Initiative Transformation teams of students, faculty, partners, & administrators who will work over 3+ years on high-impact projects Allegheny Berea Berry Carson-Newman Davidson College College College College College Meadville, PA Berea, KY Rome, GA Jefferson City, TN Davidson, NC Guilford College Mars Hill College Oberlin College Saint Mary’s College of Siena Greensboro, NC Mars Hill, NC Oberlin, OH California College Moraga, CA Loudonville, NYSewanee—The University Stetson The College of New Warren Wilson College Washburn University University Jersey Black Mountain, NC Topeka, KS of the South Sewanee, TN DeLand, FL Ewing, NJ DePauw University, Lynchburg College, Ursinus College, and Wagner University may also join this year.
  4. 4. Integrated, Deep, Pervasive, & Developmental Civic Education and Experiences Third-year leadership position Capstone level placement connected to Undergraduate tied to Capstone course Research assignments in a (INQUIRY, DEPTH) Service-learning Course, co- taught by a community partner (SEQUENCE, KNOWLEDGE) Public Policy Research on a social issue integrated within a full-time Internship course (LEARNING, INTEGRATION)Developmental position for asophomore in an issue-based team tiedto a Writing intensive CommonsCourse and Learning Community(TEAMS) Diversity and Global Learning tied to a Deliberative Democracy campus-wide forum used to First Year Seminar tied to spur greater levels of Place with a meaningful engagement (CAPACITY) semester-long community based position (PLACE, HUMILITY)
  5. 5. Allegheny College’s First Year Projects Necessary institutional and “A Crucible Moment and community changes (rewards, structures) our involvement with sharing its findings have The development of a centerbeen critical for our work for Undergraduate Research that is connectedto advance civic learning to upper-level courses and and engagement. At our assignments and Meadville community needsfirst meeting about High- (SEQUENCE, INQUIRY, Impact Initiative, the IMPACT) provost brought copies The writing andto discuss with our team. integration of community-authored We have used it to texts (KNOWLEDGE, motivate our team, HUMILITY)deepen the discussion on First and Second Yearcampus, and to focus our Seminar Series will bework.” ~ Dave Roncolato, connected to community engagement (PLACE, Director of ACCEL REFLECTION)
  6. 6. What is Greasing the Wheels? Strategic The leadership of a team visioning, planning,evidence-based practice A cohort approach Peer exchange and consultation Dialogue and learning with a national learning community