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Discussion at Council of Independent Colleges


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CIC Chief Academic and Student Affairs Officers Institute, November 2, 2013

Published in: Education
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Discussion at Council of Independent Colleges

  1. 1. Welcome and Thank You Pre-Conference Gathering with the Bonner Network: Community Engagement & Student Success: What Works & What’s Next
  2. 2. Question • What data, evidence, trends, and models are driving decision making around student success and community engagement at your institution?
  3. 3. Evidence: Student Learning • Bonner Student Impact and Alumni Survey • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) • High-Impact Practices • National Survey of Service and Community Engagement • Retention and Persistence • Grades and Academic Performance Indicators
  4. 4. Evidence: Community Impacts • Bonner Web-Based Reporting System (BWBRS) • Analysis of Issues and Developmental Positions • Corporation for National and Community Service Metrics • Capacity-Building and Mentoring • Internships • Undergraduate Research
  5. 5. Question • What are the challenges and opportunities for integration between academic and student affairs? How can or is community and civic engagement playing a part?
  6. 6. Student & Academic Affairs • Integrated teams • Long-range strategic planning • Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement • New approaches to Student Development • Integrated Learning Outcomes and Assessment
  7. 7. Catalysts for Collaboration • A Crucible Moment • Bonner High-Impact Initiative • Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement • Changing landscape & student body, online learning, new conceptions of civic engagement
  8. 8. Question • What networking opportunities and resources interest you and your institution? What best practices could support your institution’s work?
  9. 9. Networking & Resources • Annual Bonner Meetings • New convenings and partnerships • Today involving Council of Independent Colleges • Allegheny College involving Imagining America • Sewanee involving Associated Colleges of the South • Publications (Engage) • Your wish lists?
  10. 10. Where to Learn More • Bonner Network Wiki: • High-Impact Initiative: Readings & Dropbox • Finley & McNair (2013, forthcoming). Assessing High-Impact Learning for Underserved Students • Hoy & Johnson (2013) - Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education • Kania & Kramer (2012) - Collective Impact • Mehaffy (2012) - Challenge and Change • Musil (2009) - Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility: The Civic Learning Spiral • Musil (2012) - Remapping Education for Social Responsibility • Sturm et al. (2012) - Full Participation: Building the Architecture for Diversity and Public Engagement in Higher Education We will email you! Thank you!