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Issue Work


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This is a presentation for Bonner Programs who are working to do issue briefs, especially in a co-curricular context. This covers some of the main purposes, steps, and strategies.

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Issue Work

  2. 2. THE BIG PICTURE Bonner Scholars and Leaders did 284,165 hours of community service in 2008-2009 We worked in schools, shelters, soup kitchens, parks, art centers, youth centers, and many other non-profits How did we make a difference?
  3. 3. OUR WORK IS A MOVEMENT Bonner Programs at 80+ colleges & universities Each one works with 10-100 students Each has 10-200 community partners We work across common issues to make a difference
  4. 4. PRESSING, COMPLEX ISSUES Arts and Culture Criminal Justice and Violence Prevention Economic Development Education - Adult and ESL  Education - Early Childhood Education - Elementary Education - Middle and High School Environment Health and Mental Health Homelessness and Hunger Immigration and Refugees Poverty Reduction Youth Development
  5. 5. LOTS OF ACTIVITY IS HAPPENING On a campus, many different individuals and groups may be working on Clubs & projects that Faculty & Organizations can help Departments Students communities and address these issues Partners, Administrators Alumni, Families
  6. 6. IN MANY FRAGMENTED AREAS The work can happen in many settings and take many forms. Course Forums Community based service projects Resource Development Institutional Policies
  7. 7. HOW CAN WE BRING IT TOGETHER? What if we work to understand the pieces of our work and their interconnections? What if we go deeper to find out how we might make a long-lasting and systemic difference? What could we achieve if we collectively take action to address these issues?
  8. 8. FIRST, LET’S MAP WHAT’S HAPPENING ON CAMPUS Campus Profile Types of Service Academic Work Education & Training Campus & Organizational Capacity Building Research, Policy Analysis & Deliberative Democracy
  9. 9. NEXT, FOCUS IN ON ONE ISSUE & TOPIC An Issue Brief Topic Discuss ideas with community partner Focus on a program model or a related set of policies Get input from Bonner staff Narrow and make a decision
  10. 10. NEXT, FOCUS IN ON ONE ISSUE & TOPIC The Topic Should Be: Real It matters to someone (a Forum or Town Meeting Improving a Program partner, agency, individual or group) Use feedback Besides the issue brief, what will be the products? Public Education or Advocacy Developing a Proposal
  11. 11. NEXT, DO POLICY RESEARCH Use the resources Visit http:// You can post your topics and notes on Davidson Working Group Page Check out other examples
  12. 12. NEXT, DO POLICY RESEARCH Use the resources Detailed Research & Writing Guide Divide up the work Make a research plan that fits your timeframe
  13. 13. WHAT RESEARCH TO DO Who to Consult Community Partners & Experts Professors & academic departments City and local government Sources of Information Phone call interviews with topic experts  Internet Searches  Library Research  Interviews  Keep a Bibliography  Face-to-face meetings on and off campus
  14. 14. YOUR ISSUE BRIEF CAN BE SHARED ONLINE You’ll be able to: Share research with others addressing a similar topic Have multiple editors Help build out our collective knowledge of this work
  15. 15. SO NOW WHAT? Let’s share questions, ideas, strategies....