Holding students accountable 7 31-12


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Holding students accountable 7 31-12

  1. 1. Tools for Great StudentAccountability Advising and Program Management
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover• The Ingredients you need• BWBRS is your friend• Clear Standards to Succeed• Clear Repercussions• Bridges out• Exceptions
  3. 3. Results Process RelationshipsIngredients Balancing 3You Need dimensions
  4. 4. BWBRSis yourfriend!1. Admin Accounts 4. Track Service Activities2. Student Accounts 5. Track Accomplishments3. Partner Accounts 6. Track AmeriCorps
  5. 5. Administrator AccountsSet log-in emailSet notification roles
  6. 6. Settings for All Accounts1. Reset password2. BWBRS notification frequency
  7. 7. Student ListYou’ll maintainyour studentlist here
  8. 8. Student ProfilesThe Student Profileshave four main tabs::1. GENERAL2. CONTACT3. DOCUMENTATION4. ENROLLMENT
  9. 9. Partner& PositionListYou’ll maintaina profile ofall yourservicepartners here
  10. 10. PartnerProfilesEach partnerhas it’s owndescription.
  11. 11. PositionProfilesEach position hasit’s owndescription.
  12. 12. eSignatureAccess forSite Coordinators Site coordinators can be assigned to positions with login access to approve hour logs....
  13. 13. StudentCommunityLearning Each semester studentsAgreement create a CLA for their primary service site.
  14. 14. StudentHour LogsStudents recordall their serviceand traininghours in BWBRS.
  15. 15. Service Students record what they gotAccomplishments done through their service.
  16. 16. BonnerAmeriCorpsTrackingEasily determinehow status on this&and other reports.
  17. 17. ClearStandardsto Succeed• Printed guidelines and expectations• Have students review and sign a contract or agreement.
  18. 18. Sample Expectations The Bonner Program is rooted in relationship – whether it’s peer-to-peer or out in the community. Bonner is not just about completing hours and your commitment to the program should reflect that. Bonner Scholars are expected to: • Engage in dialogue and activities during class meetings and retreats • Demonstrate respect for the opinions and cultures of others • Ask questions when you need help and meet with Bonner staff in a timely manner about any issues or concerns • Meet deadlines for documentation, including CLAs and hour logs • Support and encourage fellow Bonners
  19. 19. Enforced Policies CLAs should be turned in within one week of starting their site.   Weekly/Monthly Hour Logs:  Students should be expected to complete an average weekly and monthly total of hours. If students fall behind this guideline, you should ask to meet with them. Policies for Late/Missing Hour Logs: Have a written policy for handling students who submit late or missing hours.  
  20. 20. Training and Logging Hours Train students to write effective CLAs (or update their positions) and use BWBRS.  This should take place at the beginning of the program/semester.  Some do it during Orientation, but it is helpful to do it when the student can actually log on! Use “Making CLA’s Great” and the sample one-pagers Students should be asked to log hours on a consistent basis — weekly!   This will get students in a habit of logging hours and will start a productive pattern.