Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education: Bonner High-Impact Initiative


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Presentation for the AAC&U Annual Meeting 2014.

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Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education: Bonner High-Impact Initiative

  1. 1. Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education The Bonner High-Impact Initiative Building a national learning community
  2. 2. Introductions • Ariane Hoy, Bonner Foundation ( • Jamé Johnson, Crawford County School District ( • Mathew Johnson, Siena College ( • Dave Roncolato, Allegheny College (
  3. 3. Learning from you... In your experience, who is or is not at the table (students, partners, faculty)? Your best examples of integrative, collaborative projects Place & is/could your institution contribute? Engaged learning (HIPs) & community engagement where connected or disconnected?
  4. 4. Questions to discuss • When it comes to expanding or deepening community engagement on your campus, who is or is not at the table in designing and carrying out these initiatives? (Corner 1) • Share 1-2 best examples of innovative civic learning/ engagement projects that involve real collaboration across academic, student affairs, and even with community. (Corner 2) • Reflect on where you have high-impact practices happening on your campus and where you have community engagement happening.  Are they connected or disconnected? (Corner 3) • Think about the place or community where your institution resides.  As a part of the community, what are ways that your institution's engaged teaching and learning could also make a contribution or impact? (Corner 4)
  5. 5. What is High-Impact? Cohort-based, Strategic, Multi-Year Began in 2012 Began in 2013 Building a national learning community •Allegheny College •Berea College •Berry College •Carson-Newman College •Sewanee—University of the South •Siena College •Stetson University •Washburn University •Davidson College •DePauw University •Guilford College •Mars Hill College •Oberlin College •The College of New Jersey •Ursinus College •Wagner University •Warren Wilson College
  6. 6. 1 - Albany, NY (Siena) 2- Berea, KY (Berea) 3- Black Mountain, NC (Warren Wilson) 4- Davidson, NC (Davidson) 5- DeLand, FL (Stetson) 6- Collegeville, PA (Ursinus) 7- Greencastle, IN (DePauw) 8- Greensboro, NC (Guilford) 9- Jefferson City, TN (Carson-Newman) 10- Mars Hill, NC (Mars Hill) 12 11- Meadville, PA (Allegheny) 12- Moraga, CA (Saint Mary’s) 13- Oberlin, OH (Oberlin) 14- Princeton, NJ (Bonner) 15- Rome, GA (Berry) 16- Grundy, TN (Sewanee) 17- Staten Island, NY (Wagner) 18- Topeka, KS (Washburn) 19 - Trenton, NJ (TCNJ) 20 - Washington, DC (AACU) Who we are and the places we work 1 17 11 6 13 20 7 2 18 8 9 10 3 4 16 15 5 2 14 19
  7. 7. What We Knew (20 years) ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ Co-curricular and curricular matter Cohorts Diversity & “Dialogue across difference” Structured and unstructured reflection Mentors Affects careers and lifelong: Civic-minded graduates
  8. 8. Alumni Impact 30 campuses, 1066 Participants; 22-50 years old; 32% response rate ✤ Low-income, first generation, diverse students ✤ 33% in non-profit sector careers ✤ 32% in government careers ✤ 25% in for-profit careers ✤ ✤ Career choices driven by a desire to affect positive change 90% demonstrating civic action in past 12 months ✤ ✤ joined organization; signed petition; did not buy a product due to company values; contacted a public official 90% voted in last election
  9. 9. National Assessment of Service & Community Engagement ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ Siena Research Institute Implemented by 46+ institutions 19K completes—now the largest national data set on civic engagement Telling findings—more than half of students are never engaged Average POP score - mid 20’s Structure matters Pete Cichetti 518-782-6997
  10. 10. From$High$School$to$College$ Four%Types%of%Student%Transi2ons% No:%College%%%%%%%%%%%Yes:%College% $$$Yes:%High%School%%%%%%%%%%No:%High%School%% 43%$ 43%$ 3%$ 11%$ 46%percent%of% Students%Report% Doing%Service%in% College%
  11. 11. A strategy to change ourselves, campuses, and learning
  12. 12. An approach to deepening student learning & community impact Integrated Deep Developmental Pervasive
  13. 13. Driven by integrated change-oriented teams (students, faculty, partners, staff)
  14. 14. A way to build communities of best practice & move our towards greater impact
  15. 15. Leveraging High-Impact Practices • first year seminars • common intellectual experiences  • place-based education • learning communities  • writing-intensive courses • collaborative assignments & projects  • undergraduate research • diversity/global learning  • internships & project-based learning • service-learning & community-based learning • capstone courses & projects • deliberative dialogues
  17. 17. Example: a First Year Experience at Sewanee Focuses on PLACE with internships, mentoring, and reflection HIPs x HICEPs = engagement increases impact
  18. 18. Allegheny High Impact Project #1 The Community Listening Project a three-year initiative to tell the story of a town and its college place • voice
  19. 19. Allegheny High Impact Project #2 A New Center for Local Research, Knowledge, and Integration • A centralized locale for local research and knowledge • Responsive to the community beyond the college • Co-coordinated by a community partner and faculty member • Create local research agendas that will facilitate faculty and student participation in addressing critical concerns • Increase campus-wide knowledge of the community.
  20. 20. Allegheny High Impact Project #3 Civic Engagement Courses Making Civic Engagement more PERVASIVE in the curriculum • A Civic Learning requirement Discussion in 2013-14 Faculty meeting • Community Engagement Faculty Development workshops Summer 2013 and 2014 • Alternative course assessments Fall 2013 • Student support with CBL-Corps Spring 2014 • Including Civic Engagement: Investigating the Public Purpose
  21. 21. “The Saltmarsh Challenge”
  22. 22. The Process
  23. 23. Every voice, equal voice!
  24. 24. Powerhouse Team! • Terry Bensel, Associate Provost • Zac Callen, Assistant Professor of Political Science • Nancy Chen, Undergraduate and Bonner Leader • Linda DeMerit, Provost • Emma Dosch, Undergraduate and Bonner Leader • Larry Hailsham, Undergraduate and Bonner Scholar • Jamé Johnson, Instructional Coach in Crawford County School District • Kaziputalimba (Kazi) Joshua, Dean for Residence Life • Stephanie Martin, Assistant Professor of Economics • Paige Missel, Undergraduate and High-Impact Intern • Dave Roncolato, Director of Community Service and Service-Learning, ACCEL • Jamie Williams, Associate Director of Community Service and Service-Learning, ACCEL
  25. 25. Siena High Impact Project #1 Community Issue Forum an initiative to mobilize greater and deeper engagement in Albany through intensive focus on an issue and planned institutional response on an annual basis
  26. 26. Siena High Impact Project #2 Academic Pathway courses that include high-impact practices and engagement but weave together as a pathway
  27. 27. Siena High Impact Project #3 High-Impact Curriculum Links NEXT Prog. COMC Cert. Athletics Internship Forum Internship
  28. 28. Powerhouse Team! • Ralph Blasting, Dean of Liberal Arts and Professor of Creative Arts • Cheryl Buff, Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity • Claudia Congemi, Undergraduate and Bonner Leader • Lisa Hunter, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Albany • Mathew Johnson, Director of Academic Community Engagement and Associate Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies • Ruth Scipione Kassel, Assistant Director of Academic Community Engagement • Jacqueline Lennon, Undergraduate and Bonner Leader • Jim Matthews, Professor of Mathematics • Yalitza Negron, Assistant Director of Academic Community Engagement • Linda Richardson,Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Finance and Economics • Paul Thurston, Associate Professor of Management
  29. 29. Take Aways strategic, focused vision distributed leadership evidence-based & outcome focused partner driven senior leadership buy-in coalitions & alliances must keep at it
  30. 30. Learn more? •Does this resonate?   •Your examples? •Take aways? •Where to learn more? • • •How to get involved?