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BSP and Non-Bonner Integration


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Facilitated at Bonner Congress 2017 by Chantel Baker and Dominque Cressler, University of Richmond.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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BSP and Non-Bonner Integration

  1. 1. BSP and Non-Bonner Integration Chantel Baker and Dominique Cressler University of Richmond
  2. 2. Purpose ● To reflect on the relationship our Bonner program shares with the larger volunteer community at our colleges/universities ● To identify an area, or areas, where relationships between Bonners and student volunteers can be strengthened ● To draft the initial steps to improving these relationships
  3. 3. Who Are You? (Name, College/University, Why did you choose this workshop?)
  4. 4. What? In what ways does BSP (Bonner Scholars Program) connect with the volunteer community on campus?
  5. 5. Why? Why do you believe your college/university has BSP and the volunteering community organized how it stands currently?
  6. 6. How? Identify resources and institutions currently in place to support your BSP. How can those resources be shifted to support those not in BSP? (Ex. Funding, Transportation, Community Resources/Organizations)
  7. 7. How? How can strengthening communication between BSP and the volunteer community increase civic engagement and reflection on campus?
  8. 8. Reflect As a group... 1. What have you gained from this workshop? 2. What advice can you give to another member of your group to help them accomplish this goal? 3. What have you discovered about your program through this workshop? 4. How do you hope to successfully integrate BSP and the volunteer community? What are possible solutions? Barriers?
  9. 9. Draft Create an action plan that resembles your potential idea.
  10. 10. GOOD LUCK! ~ Bonner Love