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Bridging Service, Social Action, and a Lifetime of Engagement


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Presentation by Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton, Bonner Alum Taryn Volpe, and San Jose State University graduates Estelia Velasquez and Diana Nguyen.

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Bridging Service, Social Action, and a Lifetime of Engagement

  1. 1. Bridging Service, Social Action, and a Lifetime of Engagement Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton Taryn Volpe Estelia Velasquez Diana Nguyen
  2. 2. Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones that we seek… We are the hope of the future; the answer to the cynics who tell us our house must stand divided; that we cannot come together; that we cannot remake this world as it should be.” -President Barack Obama
  3. 3. Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton • Professor of Sociology at San José State University • Sociology 164: Social Action • Change! A Student Guide to Social Action
  4. 4. In the past decade, Social Action students have accomplished. . .
  5. 5. Social Action students led a successful campaign to force the resignation of a SJSU professor who had sexually harassed a student. In 2017…
  6. 6. In 2017… Social Action got the SJSU President to sign an executive order creating a sweat-shop free campus.
  7. 7. In 2016… Social Action students initiated and helped lead the Modernization of the Business Tax, which won 65% of the vote in San Jose, doubling the business tax and raising $13 million for the city.
  8. 8. In 2015… Social Action students worked with food vendors to win 3 changes to city regulations, making it easier and more accessible for vendors to sell fresh fruit and vegetables in San Jose.
  9. 9. In 2015… Social Action students won their demand for air conditioning in Dudley Morehead Hall, a 60-year old building where 3,000 students a day take classes.
  10. 10. In 2015… Social Action Students won their demand for the institutionalization of a college tour program for 3rd graders, which they had developed.
  11. 11. In 2015, Social Action students led a successful campaign to remove a SJSU Tower Foundation Board Member after she made a racist comment about Latinas
  12. 12. In 2012, Social Action students initiated and led the minimum wage campaign, which won 60% of the vote, and raised the wage in SJ from $8 to $10, the largest one-time increase in the nation’s history, and then helped push it to $15 by 2019.
  13. 13. In 2011, Social Action Students won 2 of their demands: 1. To have an opt out system rather than an opt-in system for SJSU Action Alerts, and 2. To extend the SJSU shuttle service to 6 blocks off campus.
  14. 14. In 2010, Social Action students won their campaign to allow AB 540 (undocumented students) to use computers from Clark Hall and to receive certain SJSU scholarships. In addition, students won their campaign to get 2 more printers at the campus library.
  15. 15. In 2008… Social Action students led a successful campaign to reinstate the SJSU Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), which now serves over 2,000 first- generation college students.
  16. 16. Education for Progress, Education for Change Taryn C. Volpe, Wagner College Alumna
  17. 17. CARE
  18. 18. Estelia Velasquez San Jose State University Alumna Communication Director during Campaign: • Students for Racial Justice
  19. 19. Students for Racial Justice - San Jose State University
  20. 20. Diana Nguyen San Jose State University - U.S. Against Sweatshops
  21. 21. Now it’s YOUR turn: Take some time to reflect in groups of 3-4: • Are there any current examples of Social Action occurring on your campus? • If so, how are they being taught/executed? • If not, who is someone who can teach this? • What are specific issues affecting your campus or your community that would prompt social action?
  22. 22. Final Reports & Next Steps