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Branding Your Bonner Experience


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Creating a personal brand experience will help you find and showcase your strengths so you can stand out from the crowd. By tapping into your unique skills, talents, passions, and Bonner experiences you can leap off the pages of your resume and into the top your recruiters’ minds. This workshop will offer you an opportunity to develop a strong elevator pitch that will make a lasting and meaningful impression on whomever you meet. Bonner alumni will lead discussions about crafting an elevator pitch and offer feedback as you refine your own pitch.

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Branding Your Bonner Experience

  1. 1. BRANDING YOUR BONNER EXPERIENCE The Elevator Pitch By: Arthur Tartee
  2. 2. Introduction Your Name & School “Where in the World” Game Give three clues about your favorite place in the world (i.e. the country/state you are from or a foreign country that you visited) Let the rest of the group guess the place you’re describing
  3. 3. What is Networking? In a career development context, “networking” refers to the process by which professionals establish meaningful relationships Web of connections between you and other people Networking is a two-way street
  4. 4. How to Network Branding Preparation Action Maintenance The Networking Process
  5. 5. Personal Branding Passions ExperiencesTalents ValuesStrengths Brand Ideals
  6. 6. Accessibility Creativity Growth Prosperity Accomplishment Curiosity Health Punctuality Accountability Dependability Honesty Recognition Accuracy Dtermination Humour Relaxation Adventure Directness Imagination Reliability Affection Discipline Independence Resorucesfulness Affleunce Diversity Impact Respect Altriusm Efficiency Inclusion Security Ambition Empathy Integrity Sensitivity Assertiveness Enthusiasm Intelligence Significance Balance Equality Justice Sincereity Bonner Excellence Kindness Speed Bravery Experience Knowledge Spirituality Calmness Expertise Leadership Spontaneity Challenge Fairness Learning Stability Charity Faith Love Strength Clarity Fame Loyalty Success Comfort Family Mindfulness Sympathy Commitment Fidelity Optimism Teamwork Compassion Flexibility Orginality Understanding Completion Friendship Passion Vision Contentment Fun Peace Wealth Control Generosity Perfection Winning Courage Grace Power Wisdom
  7. 7. When creating a personal brand, ask yourself: What are my strengths and what am I already known for? What am I passionate about and what sets me apart from others? What would I like to accomplish in my life? How do I define success? What do I want recruiters to remember about me?
  8. 8. “A career is fundamentally about relationship- with colleagues, staff, bosses, and clients- and your personal brand is nothing more or less than being recognized for the value you bring to those relationships”