Bonner vision & history 7 31-12


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Bonner vision & history 7 31-12

  1. 1. Welcome to New Bonner Vision, Members of the BonnerHistory & Future Community
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover•What the Bonner Foundation set out to do 22 years ago?•Timeline: Bonners Place in the Field•How are we doing? What are they saying?•What do you care about?
  3. 3. OriginalMission & VisionStudentsCampusCommunityHigher Education
  4. 4. Goals for StudentDevelopmentAccess to Education, Opportunity to ServeTo afford college studentsan opportunity to use theirenergy, talents, andleadership skills to engage incommunity service whileproviding developmental andfinancial support.
  5. 5. Goals for CampusDevelopmentEverybody everyday!To challenge and strengthena “culture of service” inwhich the school’s teaching,research, and service missionare integrated and everystudent, faculty, and staffis encouraged to serve.
  6. 6. Goals for CommunityImpactChange the CountTo facilitate greatercooperation and communicationbetween the campus and thecommunity by channeling theenergies and talents ofcollege students faculty, andstaff to help address thechallenges and opportunitiesof a local community.
  7. 7. Goals forHigher EducationService-BasedScholarshipsTo form a consortium ofdiverse higher educationinstitutions sharing a commoncommitment to service and toserve as a successful modelto other institutions which areinterested in starting service-based scholarship programs.
  8. 8. Integrated ApproachStudent CommunityDevelopment Partnerships“Access to MeasurableEducation, impactOpportunity toServe” Campus Infrastructure Culture of service
  9. 9. Integrated ApproachStudentDevelopment“Access toEducation,Opportunity toServe” 5 E’s Skills Knowledge Experiences Values
  10. 10. Integrated Approach Community Partnerships Measurable impactSite & Issue-Based TeamsCommunity-Based ResearchPolicyOptions.orgCommunity Networking Teams
  11. 11. Integrated ApproachCampus-Wide Center Faculty DevelopmentBonner Director & Coordinator High Impact InitiativeBonner Senior Intern Civic Engagement @Bonner Congress The Center Campus Infrastructure Culture of service
  12. 12. Networking High Impact Bonner PolicyOptions Serve 2.0 Timeline Knowledge Areas Academic Journey (FIPSE) Bonner Cornerstones Common Commitments | Skills Community-Based Research funding (L&S) Bonner Leaders (FWS + AmeriCorps) “End of start-up” | 4 year model | campus-wideBerea pilot | + 22 schools in next two years1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 Corporation for National & Community Service AmeriCorps Crucible Moment Report Federal Work-Study Rules Change
  13. 13. Voices from the Bonner Community
  14. 14. What matters to you?