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Bonner network 7 26-11


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Bonner network 7 26-11

  1. 1. The Bonner Program:The Bonner Network“Access to Education, Opportunity to Serve”A program of:The Corella & Bertram Bonner Foundation10 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ 08540(609) 924-6663 • (609) 683-4626 faxFor more information, please visit our website at
  2. 2. Bonner Profile:Anna Miller
  3. 3. The Bonner Network:Our Participating Campuses
  4. 4. National Meetings
  5. 5. Bonner Network Resources: Gatherings✓ Bonner New Directors Orientation✓ Fall Bonner Student Congress Meeting (Rider University, NJ—October 7-9, 2011)✓ Fall Bonner Directors Meeting (Kanuga Center, NC—November 6-9, 2011)✓ IMPACT Conference 2012 (TBD)✓ Summer Leadership Institute 2012 (TBD)
  6. 6. Campus Support
  7. 7. Bonner Profile:Charles Cartagena
  8. 8. Bonner Network Resources: Campus SupportCampuses are supported by a liaison atthe Foundation through:✓ Campus Visits✓ Annual Report review & recommendations (Campus Support Form)✓ Support phone calls✓ Resource development and sharing
  9. 9. Worksheet — Part 1Discuss meetings and visits
  10. 10. Bonner Network Initiatives
  11. 11. Bonner Network Initiatives: Initiatives• Issues to Impact – Issue-Focused Organizing: hunger, homelessness, college access, immigration, youth development, prisoner re-entry – Issue Briefs & News Bureaus – Community impact assessment• Networking – Bonner Alumni Network – International Partnerships – Summer Institutes on High Impact Civic Engagement
  12. 12. BonnerAlumni Network
  13. 13. Bonner Alumni Network: 2010 Survey Findings• 5,400 Bonner Alumni – Georgia – Tennessee – North Carolina• 31% work in the government sector• 34% work in the nonprofit sector• 90% voted in the November election• 46% have Masters; 17% terminal degrees
  14. 14. Bonner Alumni Network: Vision and Goals• Recruit future Bonner Scholars and Leaders• Connect with current Bonner students through mentoring• Share expertise and passion as we seek to build capacity of the Bonner Program through our initiatives
  15. 15. Bonner Alumni Network: Building Chapters• Alumni Chapter Toolkit (to help alumni get involved)• Campus Program Toolkit (to help campuses integrate alumni)• Chapter Listservs
  16. 16. Bonner Alumni Network: Alumni Chapter GatheringsPast Gatherings Upcoming Gatherings• Greensboro, North • Atlanta, Georgia Carolina • Durham/Raleigh, North• Memphis, Tennessee Carolina• Nashville, Tennessee • New Brunswick/• New York City, New York  Princeton, New Jersey• Austin, Texas • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania• Washington, DC • Boston, Massachusetts• Richmond,Virginia • Nashville, Tennessee  • Louisville, Kentucky  • Miami, Florida
  17. 17. Worksheet — Part 2Alumni networking ideas
  18. 18. Bonner Networking &Social Media Tools
  19. 19. Program Management Resources: Weekly Email Update• Announcements• Upcoming Events and Meetings• Jobs and Internships• Conferences & Professional Development• Foundation Initiatives
  20. 20. Program Management Resources: Network Wiki• Program Management Resources• Campus Profiles• Network News• Training Modules• Implementation Guides• Student Resources
  21. 21. Program Management Resources: Bonner Student Intern Networking Tools• Bonner Intern Wiki Page delves into their roles• Links to helpful resources for program management• Topical sharing on projects (e.g., First-Year Orientation Agendas)• Reinforces Foundation- led training
  22. 22. Program Management Resources: Monthly Student Newsletter• Monthly themes (tied to calendar)• School Spotlights• Best Practices• Innovations• Student Contributions (BAB)• Links to Discussion Opportunities (Blog)
  23. 23. Program Management Resources: Bonner Networking on Facebook• Bonner Love Profile Page (1042 friends)• National Bonner Network (1310 members)• Bonner Network Fan Page (619 fans)• Bonner Alumni Network (284 members)• School Groups and Fan Pages (40+)
  24. 24. Program Management Resources: Bonner YouTube Channel• Playlists with training videos and screen casts • BWBRS • AmeriCorps• Bonner Video Project (over 240 videos created by programs) • Campus Profiles • Partner Profiles • Training & Enrichment • Issues
  25. 25. Program Management Resources: Bonner Networking on other Social Sites• The Bonner Blog (http://• Twitter: @BonnerNetwork (268 followers)• LinkedIn: Bonner Alumni Network (256 members)
  26. 26. Campus ExamplesRider University and Siena College
  27. 27. Worksheet — Part 3Online and social media networking
  28. 28. Worksheet — Part 4Taking it home—next steps