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Bonner Love: Fostering the Bonner Community


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Facilitated by Adam Cooper and Belle Briatico (Stetson University), and Trinity Rinear and Caroline Mousa (University of Houston) at Bonner Congress 2017

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Bonner Love: Fostering the Bonner Community

  1. 1. Bonner Love
  2. 2. INtroductions Trinity Rinear(UH) Adam Cooper(Stetson) Caroline Mousa(UH) Belle Briatico(Stetson)
  3. 3. Workshop Goals - Understand the importance of community within Bonner programs - Discuss and share Bonner Bonding methods - Collaborate on Bonner Bonding events to implement in your programs and projects.
  4. 4. Importance of community within programs What is Bonner Love? What binds a Bonner program together and to its community? How many Bonners are in your program? How does that affect the way you build community in your program?
  5. 5. UH Customs and Traditions
  6. 6. SU Customs and Traditions
  7. 7. SU First year experience
  8. 8. Bonner Barbecue Breakfast Klub Bonner Book Club Non-Service Socials/Bonding Events
  9. 9. Program Retreats
  10. 10. Intramurals/Sports
  11. 11. Orientation Events & Activities
  12. 12. Mentorship Programs
  13. 13. Group Service
  14. 14. Workshop In what ways does your Bonner program cultivate community and bonding? Poster.
  15. 15. Reflections How can we bring these ideas back to our schools? What Bonner Bonding strategies to you plan to implement?