Bonner AmeriCorps Program 2007-08


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This presentation summarizes the goals, structure, and benefits of the Bonner AmeriCorps Program.

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Bonner AmeriCorps Program 2007-08

  1. 1. The Bonner Program: Managing Bonner AmeriCorps “Access to Education, Opportunity to Serve” A program of: The Corella & Bertram Bonner Foundation 10 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 (609) 924-6663 • (609) 683-4626 fax For more information, please visit our website at
  2. 2. Bonner AmeriCorps: Types of Slots Available Choose the slots that make the most sense for your program, your community partners, and your members. 2 Year, Term Minimum Quarter Half-time Hours 300 450 900 Ed Award $1,000 $1,250 $2,362 Remember: There is a two-term maximum!
  3. 3. Bonner AmeriCorps: Campus & Agency (Service Site) Agreements • Campus Site Agreement — Sign & return to Bonner Foundation • Agency (Service Site) Agreements: Community partners sign & return to campus to be filed Agreement Forms provided by Foundation in AmeriCorps Enrollment materials and on our website
  4. 4. Bonner AmeriCorps: Preparing Bonner Web-Based Reporting System All Bonner Programs (not just those enrolled in Bonner AmeriCorps) must use BWBRS to: • Set up school calendar • Enter Agency Profiles and Service Opportunities* • Set up Training & Enrichment Activities* * Ensure that AmeriCorps members hours are appropriate (i.e., not on list of Prohibited Activities)
  5. 5. Bonner AmeriCorps: Enrolling Members with Bonner Foundation • AmeriCorps Enrollment Workbook: Campus administrator & student complete, sign, and mail to Bonner Foundation within 20 days of your start date • If it is your second term, we still need documentation of citizenship • Start date cannot be prior to date of member signing contract
  6. 6. Bonner AmeriCorps: Text Enrolling Members with Bonner Foundation  Criminal Background Check – Every student must have a National criminal background check processed by The Bonner Foundation, the School, or the Service Site.  Sex Offender Registry 6
  7. 7. Bonner AmeriCorps: Enrolling Members with Bonner Foundation • BWBRS: • Campus administrator enters student AmeriCorps enrollment section on BWBRS • Campus administrator provides student with BWBRS-generated log-in & password • Student completes Contact & General Profiles information on BWBRS • MyAmeriCorps Portal: • Once enrollment in BWBRs has been activated by the Foundation, student must register in
  8. 8. Bonner AmeriCorps: Community Learning Agreements • Create CLA on BWBRS each semester. Make sure to include detailed service and learning objectives. • Print & sign CLA (agency, student & staff) • Mail CLA to Foundation for official enrollment and activation Hard copies of CLAs must be received at Foundation with the submission of the first monthly Hour Log Reports each semester and summer before any hours can be approved.
  9. 9. Bonner AmeriCorps: Mailing Hour Log Reports to Bonner Foundation • Each week: • Students enter Hour Logs into BWBRS each week • Each month: • Print out Hour Log from BWBRS by MONTH • Student, site supervisor & campus administrator sign logs • Campus administrator approves hours on BWBRS • Campus administrator mails signed hard copies with original signatures to Foundation • NO FAXED OR COPIED SIGNATURES WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  10. 10. Bonner AmeriCorps: End-of-Semester Service Accomplishments • Each semester: • Students enters summary of what they accomplished in BWBRS • Print out Service Accomplishments Report from BWBRS • Student, site supervisor & campus administrator sign Service Accomplishment Report • Campus administrator mails signed hard copies to Foundation
  11. 11. Bonner AmeriCorps: End-of-Term Review & Reporting • Review all member Hour Logs to ensure that they have been received & approved by the Bonner Foundation. If necessary, send in signed missing information. • Mail official AmeriCorps Exit Form to Foundation for exit (make sure it is signed by student) Exit Forms must be received by Foundation within 20 days of member’s last day of service!!
  12. 12. Bonner AmeriCorps: Suspensions from AmeriCorps • Limited to two years • Must be for “personal and compelling” circumstances or study abroad • Campus administrators and AmeriCorps members must complete the official Suspension/ Reinstatement Form and return it to the Foundation within 25 days
  13. 13. Bonner AmeriCorps: Ineligible Service • On-campus activities where there is no direct link to the community at large • Receiving Academic Credit • Administrative work that is not a result of direct service • Fundraising-only 10% of total hours • Medical or scientific research • For profit entities • International service • Prohibited activities as defined in enrollment book on p15
  14. 14. Bonner AmeriCorps: Tips for Selecting Service Sites • Community, Community, Community (outside, not campus community) • Mentoring • Tutoring • Disaster Relief • Anti-Hunger • WHEN IN DOUBT, RULE IT OUT (but ask us anyway!)
  15. 15. Bonner AmeriCorps: Terminations • Must be requested in writing by campus administrator • Must either be “for cause” or “for personal & compelling circumstances” • Will receive proportionate ed award if for “personal & compelling circumstances” • Will receive no award if “for cause”
  16. 16. Bonner AmeriCorps: Resources • Implementation Guide: Bonner AmeriCorps • Bonner AmeriCorps Program Director’s Handbook
  17. 17. Bonner AmeriCorps: Self-Assessment AmeriCorps Management: The Bonner Program meets requirements and expectations for managing its AmeriCorps positions, including paperwork, tracking use of BWBRS, and adhering to guidelines and prohibited activities (if applicable). Policy changes happen and we will inform you of these new requirements as they are dictated to us by the Corporation for National and Community Service.