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Bonner AmeriCorps Management - 2011 Fall Directors Mtg


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Presentation on Bonner AmeriCorps Pr

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Bonner AmeriCorps Management - 2011 Fall Directors Mtg

  1. 1. Bonner AmeriCorps Management Strategies & Resources
  2. 2. Starting PointsPre-EnrollmentEnrollmentPlacementsHour Logs & eSignaturesTime-Line
  3. 3. Pre-Enrollment Recruiting and Term Planning NSOPR Check 29 days before BWBRS Student List
  4. 4. Enrollments 2011-2012 Grant Year Workbook The Enrollment Workbook Guide Complete Enrollment Workbook during AmeriCorps 101 training
  5. 5. Placements Placement Resources Wiki- New intuitive Design Description Flyer Foundation Staff
  6. 6. Placements Check for Non-Profit Status Look for Strong positions Know the Prohibited Activities: Positions/ T&Es/Fundraising
  7. 7. Placements Must be working with people: Direct Service Know the Prohibited Activities: Positions/T&Es/ Fundraising
  8. 8. PlacementsPosition Descriptions: Non-Profit 1 Sentence about Organization What the Member/s will be doing Who they will be serving The desired outcome of their service
  9. 9. PlacementsWhy is this so important? Community Impact Member Development Economic Climate AmeriCorps Grant Compliance
  10. 10. PlacementsFundraising: Concerns Must Link to service Habitat ReStore is 100% Fundraising Gardens/Farms Domestic Focus
  11. 11. Training and EnrichmentStay Alert! Links to service No Prohibited Activities Domestic Focus Add yourself as Site Supervisor
  12. 12. Hour LogsHard Copies and eSignatures Submit MONTHLY e-Mail A*C coordinator Print/sign by Month- not Semester Assign Site Supervisors in BWBRS CLA, T&E and Positions
  13. 13. eSignaturesTaming the Paperwork Beast Setting up Site Supervisors WIKI Troubleshooting Approve hours by the MONTH First Entry: AC Orientation Pick an approval date each month Implement ASAP
  14. 14. Member TrackingManage Hours and Exits BWBRS Reports Who is ahead and who is falling behind Everyone who has enrolled needs to exit: eval/s and exit form.
  15. 15. Plan your Calendar Schedule rather than React! Exit Alerts- Make BWBRS do the work!
  16. 16. New BWBRS Tools Analysis Tab Print without print dates Print HTML Configure Printer