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Developing Complex Business Rules with Drools Integration


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Create rich and dynamic rule driven business process applications with the Bonita Open Solution BPM Suite.
Learn how to add business rules to your process transitions easily with decision tables in the Bonita Studio for process modeling, and for more complex rules, use the Drools Connector to call shared rules.

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Developing Complex Business Rules with Drools Integration

  1. 1. Developing ComplexBusiness Rules with Drools Integration 1
  2. 2. WELCOME: MEET YOUR HOSTS13/02/2013 2
  3. 3. AGENDA Bonita Open Solution Overview How Business Rules Support Business Decisions Examples of Use Cases Live Demo of Business Rules & Drools Integration13/02/2013 3
  4. 4. WHO ARE WE? Background on BonitaSoft 4
  6. 6. 400 CUSTOMERS IN 50 COUNTRIES Read case studies on featured customers Old Dominion University & Konica Minolta
  7. 7. BONITA OPEN SOLUTION EDITIONS Subscription Packs Open Source Teamwork Efficiency Performance For first projects Collaborative environments Advanced environments Mission-critical• Graphical modeling • Shared repository• User preferences • Development productivity Teamwork• Connectors, e.g.: • Documentation generation Email, Secure Web Services, Drools • • Search Custom reports & + Efficiency• Form designer• BPMN 2.0 • dashboards LDAP synchronization • Custom profiles +• Versioning • Secure graphical • Process templates:• Simulation Web Services discovery HR, Finance, Quality• Multi-tenancy • Salesforce Connector & IT management• Widget hints, tooltips • Built-in document mgmnt. • Enterprise document • Resource monitoring• Online documentation • Generate PDF from data management (CMIS) • Process monitoring• User guidance • Custom look-n-feel • SAP Connector • Error management • Gold professional support • Gold or platinum • Gold or platinum professional support professional support 7
  8. 8. BONITASOFT SUBSCRIPTIONSBonita Open Solution• Open source license• Free of charge• Community supportSubscription Packs• Commercial license Team collaboration• Professional Support • Shared repository• Software Upgrades • Productivity features Mission-critical Business driven • Monitoring • Process templates • Error management • Custom profiles
  9. 9. COMMERCIAL OFFERINGS We support your projects and accelerate their success• Professional Services- Training- Certification in development and administration- Consulting: On-Site or Remote• Annual Subscription Pack (SP)- Gold or Platinum Technical Support- Features to facilitate collaboration, speed development, aid testing and deployment 9
  10. 10. CUSTOMER SUPPORT LEVELSSupport levels Gold PlatinumSupport Hours 9am to 5pm on business days 24/7Number of Contacts 2 5Support Portal Yes YesPhone Support No YesNumber of Cases Unlimited UnlimitedInitial Response Time (S1) 3 business hours 2 hoursPatches Yes YesOnline Resources Getting started guides Full access to Knowledge Base 10
  11. 11. Business Decisionsand Business Rules
  12. 12. BUSINESS PROCESS DEFINED A business process is a flow of decision- coordinated activities, conducted by participants and acting on data, information and knowledge that reach a goal.
  13. 13. WHY BUSINESS RULES Protects against inconsistent data Saves time by removing need for human calculations and interactions Knowledge transfer and centralized Knowledge repositories
  14. 14. SCENARIOS FOR BUSINESS RULES• General rules that apply to all business activities• Specific rules that only apply to specific situations or transactions• Rules that constrain transactions between business entities or processes• Rules that define or constrain relationships between business entities orprocesses• Rules that define or constrain business events• Rules the derive business facts• Rules that require certain actions in specific situations• Rules that forbid certain actions in specific situations
  15. 15. Real WorldExamples
  16. 16. REAL WORLD EXAMPLE Old Dominion University uses business rules to route account request tickets to various stakeholders and departments. An account may need supervisor, budget unit director, data owner, system owner approval or any combination of the above. Some requests might only need supervisor approval while others require data and/or system owner approval. Read the complete case study: STREAMLINING THE ACCOUNT REQUEST PROCESS AT OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY
  17. 17. REAL WORLD EXAMPLEAn Insurance Company This company uses Bonita Open Solution to manage standard insurance claims processing. Hundreds of scanned requests are received daily and routed to the appropriate customer service claims processor via complex business rules built into Bonita’s Java based engine.
  18. 18. Demo Overview
  19. 19. OVERVIEW OF PROCESS IN DEMO Scenario: A Procurement ProcessA supplier calculates the discounts for their product depending onthe value of a contract. The rates are: • 10% for a contract with a value of more than $50,000 • 5% discount for a contract between $10 and $50,000 • No discount if the contract is less than $10,000After negotiated, the cost for shipping their product in the UnitedStates based on three US geographies: • East Coast ($100), West Coast ($200) and Mid West ($300)After this, the tax rate is calculated based on these respectivegeographies: • East Coast (7%), West Coast (8.5%) and Mid West (6%)
  20. 20. RULES APPLIED IN DEMO EXAMPLECalculate discount (%) Calculate shipping Calculate tax
  21. 21. STEPS Show the resulting Apply theModel the Drools Generate list of fact Construct Get input rules onProcureme Iimplement the list of with the condition parameter the list ofnt Process ation facts rules facts applied to them
  22. 22. HOW TO CONSTRUCT DROOLSBUSINESS RULES IN BOS• Data Model• Write drl (rule) file• Build Knowledge Base• Model the process based application• Configure Drools connector
  23. 23. Live Demo!
  24. 24. YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED13/02/2013 25
  25. 25. THANK YOU, AND…Stay connected with us! CORPORATE WEBSITE OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY • Product & Services descriptions • Forums • References & Use Cases • Contributions • Webinars & White papers • Source Code bonitasoft bonitasoft gid=3182097 bonitasoftbpm 26