7 Signs Your Help Desk Needs Help


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Smart Business Process Management can help improve your help desk service. Accept support requests from multiple external sources and route them to the proper support level, improve your knowledge base, and ensure your SLAs are met.

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7 Signs Your Help Desk Needs Help

  1. 1. ! 1. Your company needs a lost- and-found (for tickets that get "lost" and are never completed) Do you know exactly how all tickets entered into the system are treated? !Define!the!appropriate!ticket!routing,!and!apply!internal! business! rules! that! determine! how! requests! should! be! re?routed!when!employees!are!out!sick!or!on!vacation!?! your!help!desk!process!can!be!connected!to,!so!absences! are! taken! into! consideration.! Use! automated,! periodic! reminders! to! alert! support! personnel! (and! supervisors)! Does your via! connections! to! internal! email! or! other! communications! media! if! deadlines! enter! the! “danger! zone”!of!possibly!being!missed.! help desk 2. Your escalator goes to the stars need help? How does your escalation process work? If! help! requests! are! escalated! too! fast,! your! deep! support! people! are! being! bothered! unnecessarily,! maybe!event!in!the!middle!of!the!night!!If!help!requests! Business!Process!Management!can! are! not! being! escalated! fast! enough,! frustrated! customers! are! wasting! their! time! talking! to! first?line! help!improve!your!help!desk!service! support! level! techs! who! can’t! address! their! deep!and!give!you!the!tools!to!fully!integrate! technical!issues.!Define!specific!paths!and!rules!for!issue! it!with!other!related!processes!?!! escalation!–!send!support!tickets!to!the!appropriate!level! in!Human!Resources,!Sales,!Support,! quickly.! Finance,!executive!management,!! and!more.! 3. Your customers are developing ! scary Google-fu Is it too difficult for them to find answers in your system? Then!they’re!searching!publicly!for!simple!help!solutions?! on# your# proprietary# product.! Make! it! easy! for! them! to! send! their! issues! to! the! right! support! person! promptly,! and!automatically!connect!customers!to!the!appropriate! level!of!your!own!knowledge!base.!!Let!your!customers! feel!that!their!support!needs!are!actually!well!supported.!A!a!a! [Type!text]! [Type!text]!
  2. 2. !4. Your account reps are actually ! base! for! future! reference,! and! make! them! available! to!learning to use your product your! clients.! Using! BPM! to! create! and! manage! your! process! means! you! can! update! it! easily,! so! it! stays!Are customers asking salespeople for technical relevant! and! usable! by! both! your! customers! and! your!help? support!team.!Your!clients!know!that!they!can!reach!their!salesperson,!so! that’s! who! they! start! bugging! when! they! need! 7. Problem? What problem?technical!help!and!can’t!get!a!satisfactory!response!from!the!help!desk.!Give!those!clients!access!to!the!help!they! You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken.need! clearly! and! simply,! through! multiple! external!methods!?!web,!email,!phone,!and!social!media.!(Oh,!and! Use!monitoring!and!reporting!tools!to!monitor,!measure,!keep! encouraging! the! account! reps.! Knowing! the! report! on,! and! ultimately! help! your! helpdesk! be! as!product!is!a!good!thing.)! efficient!and!cost?effective!as!possible..!5. Your customers have tracked IF YOU’RE NOT USING GOODyou down and are filling your PROCESS MANAGEMENT,tweet stream, LinkedIn groups, YOU’RE NOT HELPING YOURFacebook wall, Google+ circles... HELP DESK BE HELPFULAre customers asking everyone and anyone for Ensuring!the!technology!resources!of!an!organization!are! managed! in! accordance! with! its! needs! and! priorities! is!feedback about what’s happening to their the!key!responsibility!of!IT!managers.!support ticket? Use! smart! BPM! processes! to! receive! issues! from!Any!individual!in!your!!company!that!a!customer!knows! multiple!external!methods!(web,!email,!phone,!etc.!)!and!personally! may! become! a! target! if! they! can‘t! get!! route!them!to!the!proper!support!level.!!Add!new!issues!satisfactory!status!information!from!the!help!desk.! to! the! knowledge?base! for! future! reference,! perform!Minimize! the! perceived! need! to! contact! an! individual! surveys,! and! generate! reports! to! ensure! service! level!personally! –! send! personalized,! relevant! agreements!are!met.!communications! to! inform! your! clients! of! what’s! For!more!information,!visit!our!web!site!happening!all!along!the!process!from!the!initial!request,! http://www.bonitasoft.com/solutions/it?management!up! to! the! resolution.! And! let! them! use! the! "public! !airwaves"!for!praise!instead!of!distress!signals.!6. Your customer calls you backto give you the answer to thequestion they asked you.How nice of them. But kind of embarrassing, no?Streamline,! maintain,! and! update! your! process! as!needed!to!respond!appropriately!and!promptly!to!client!support!tickets.!Add!new!solutions!to!the!knowledge!! BonitaSoft)is!the!leading!provider!of!open!source!business!process!management!(BPM)!software.! Created!in!2009!by!the!founders!of!the!original!Bonita!project,!BonitaSoft!is!democratizing!the!use!of! BPM!in!companies!of!all!sizes!with!an!intuitive!and!powerful!solution!at!an!optimum!cost.!Bonita!Open! Solution!has!been!downloaded!more!than!1!½!!million!times!by!organizations!worldwide.! ) Sales!inquiries:)sales@bonitasoft.com)Partner!inquiries:)partners@bonitasoft.com! bonitasoft.com/blog!|!twitter.com/bonitasoft!|!youtube.com/bonitasoft!|!facebook.com/bonitasoftbpm!