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Finished lake project


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Finished lake project

  1. 1. By:Jon, Allison, Robbie, Garek
  2. 2. The water ripples against the waterfront.
  3. 3. Smiling at the sun, the girl enjoys her time at the beach.
  4. 4. Ghosts of Escanaba’s past are looking down from the lighthouse.
  5. 5. The Sun Glistens Against the high tide.
  6. 6. The boat is coming up to the dock to load up with supplies.
  7. 7. The sailboat slowly and gracefully cuts across the water.
  8. 8. The sand wraps around beautiful Lake Michigan.
  9. 9. Two Fishermen are preparingtheir lures for a day of fishing.
  10. 10. The rocks sit upon the top of the water.
  11. 11. The little girl surveys the shoreline by the lake.
  12. 12. The grass reflects on the blue water.
  13. 13. The water washes up to the shore.
  14. 14. The father and son roll along the sidewalk at Ludington Park.
  15. 15. The historic lighthouse sits by the lake.
  16. 16. The water drifts off to the Stonington Pennisula.
  17. 17. The buoy floats on top of the water.
  18. 18. The little girl plays with her beach toys.
  19. 19. THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: • Escanaba Chapter of the GFWC • Gladstone Kiwanis • Delta County JayceesThe Snap Decisions Photojournalism Camp is a program of the Bonifas Arts Center.