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Final proposal


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Published in: Business
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Final proposal

  2. 2. CONCEPT Our documentary will be filmed In the style Observational, we will be mainly following the participants around, rather than getting involved in the activities they are going to do. However we will still interview them, asking about their progress. We will be using both archive footage and our own that we will be capturing for the sole purpose of the documentary. The storyline for the idea as a whole is the process of swapping two students, one from the Rugby Academy and the other from the Performing Arts Academy. These are two academies known throughout the school to be very different. For one lesson they will be doing the opposite of what they would normally be doing, so the Rugby Student will be dancing, and the Drama student will be doing circuit training. We will be filming the process of this, making sure that we get a balanced amount of footage that shows the strength and weaknesses of the students. In the interviews we will be asking questions like “What do you think you will be doing in the session” bearing in mind that they have no idea what they will be doing in either session. This will give a natural reaction, rather than one that has been forced. All of the footage we hope to capture will be 100% real and none of it set up for the benefit of the documentary, this is to ensure the realistic nature of the documentary.
  3. 3. PURPOSE The purpose of this documentary is to show the difference in academies, and how two students, one from each academy, react and work in a very alien environment. We also want to inform the audience about how the two academies have different impacts on the students, because even though they are both challenging, the circuit training for rugby is going to be slightly more difficult than the dance session, so we want the audience to see how the drama student will react in a situation like that. Another part is that we want it to be comedic, to make the audience laugh, we feel that if we portray it in a comical way it will be even more relatable, however we don’t want it to come across like a joke so we will ensure there is a constant serious underlying theme, this is to make people actually care about what is happening on screen. So as a whole we want the purpose of this documentary to both inform and entertain the audience.
  4. 4. NOTABLE CONTENT • The documentary will be roughly 6 minutes long, with 2 and a half minutes in total of interview time and the rest being general footage of the two students in their respective sessions. • The location of which we will be filming is Ravens Wood School, and within that several different rooms. For the expositional shots we will be using the locations of the 3G football pitch and the Drama Studio, these fit the theme of the documentary and they really set the scene well. We will be using the Dance studio for the dance session itself, and then the sports hall for the circuit training session, these will be good because they are the natural locations of these activities. The interview locations will be the Gym, this is where we will interview the rugby student, and then the drama changing room, this is where we will interview the drama student. • The two students we have chosen are Sami Shaffian – Drama student. And Harry Holland – Rugby Student. These two students fit the criteria very well, and are very different in both physique and personalities. • We will be using the Canon Legria HFG30 HD to shoot the footage, this is due to the fact that it is an easy to use and very high quality camera, with very good zooming qualities.
  5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE • The style of documentary we are going for is Observational, this is very good for the target audience we are going for because it gets them more involved, as if they are in the documentary itself. • The specific age group we are trying to entertain mainly is 11- 18 year olds from Ravens Wood School, the age range of the school itself, we feel that this is an appropriate age range because those that are in that age that go to RWS will be able to relate to it much more than those who don’t go to the school, this is because they know the locations and in some cases they know the people.