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Employment laws


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Employment laws

  1. 1. Employment Laws
  2. 2. Health & Safety Definition: Example: Complying with requirements for safe training and using equipment for training and using equipment and to assess and control risks in the work place. In the Media orientated work place examples of health and safety hazards are trip hazards, tripping over wires or lighting and filming equipment.
  3. 3. Equal Opportunities Definition: Example: Legislates prejudice actions in the work place, things like race, age, gender and disabilities are included. Racial discrimination, recently Tesco had an incident with racial discrimination and the blocking of access of the Prayer Room for Muslim employees.
  4. 4. Employment Equality (Age) Regulations Definition: Example: Prohibits employers from unreasonably discriminating against employees in terms of their age. Rules like retirement age being at 65, and minimum part time work age is 13. And at the age of 16-17 the minimum pay per hour is £3.72
  5. 5. Employers Liability Definition: Example: Compulsory insurance that protects employees if an employer is hurt at work. If an employee is injured, the insurance would cover the victim fully. In a work place if a employee contracts an illness, the insurance company will cover the victim. The employer must first be covered by an insurance company.
  6. 6. Employee Rights Definition: Example: All rights for the employee, allowing for fair work place contracts and permissions. The employee has the right to know what their wage is, how much holiday time they have during they are entitled to.
  7. 7. Trade Union Definition: Example: Organized association of workers who have banded together to achieve higher pay, increase the number of employees the employer hires and push for better working conditions around general businesses To achieve things like higher pay, the employees can do things like strike, for example, the Tube Workers of London Underground went on strike recently.