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This is the most recent version of my architectural portfolio, meant to be viewed in booklet form on side-by-side 8.5x11 sheets of paper.

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Bonesz Andrew New Portfolio

  1. 1. andrew bonesz
  2. 2. BACKGROUND INFO hill garden I designed this community center as an lily pond entry for the 2010 ACSA steel design student competition. The competition office garden brief requested that the entries give people a chance to step back and become reconnected to themselves, others, and nature. active garden The site is in near downtown Chicago, within walking distance of the lake. The most prominent feature of the site is anCOMMUNITY CENTER elevated train line which runs diagonally social garden throughout. The project was required to be of steel sunlight garden construction with no consideration of budget. An emphasis was placed on 1. CONCEPT MODEL sustainability--specifically the building’s The initial idea was to design a series of spaces for plants, successfull integration of natural elements animals, and people to interact. These spaces give depth within the overall scheme. and beauty to an otherwise simple system... 2. SPATIAL DIAGRAM ...In the context of an actual building, these spaces are carved from a simple mass, but they create similar results of interaction, depth, and beauty. conceptual section
  3. 3. 3. PROCESS DIAGRAMThe building began as a mass from which a series of spaces were removed. A slice was made through the building, following the path of the elevated train line which runs through the site. Changes in elevation were then applied to suit the programmatic needs of the spaces. The last step was to allow plants, animals, and people to create interactions within, bringing the building to life..
  4. 4. 5. STRUCTURAL DIAGRAMS As a steel design competition, the primary structure is made of rectangular steel tubes. silent grotto The cladding is a system of cor-ten panels, and the foundation is cast in place concrete. In up areas where light should enter the building, the sunlight garden panels are perforated and glazing sits behind. activity garden dn office garden dn up social garden up hill garden lily pond dn tiny gardenlevel 2 level 1 level -1 north a4. FLOOR PLANS AND MODELThe rooms are arranged around the garden 6. PARTIAL WALL STUDYspaces and seperated according to their In the context of an actual building,unique programmatic needs (privacy, light, these spaces are carved from a simplesound). The main entrances are located mass, but they create similar results ofnear the center of the site and along the interaction, depth, and beauty.central divide to encourage people tointeract with the building and naturalspaces. main entrance rendering
  5. 5. MANUFACTURED HOME This design is for a single family manufactured home in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. The rooms are designed in modular pieces so that as the family grows the home can grow as well. SMALL (1-2 PEOPLE) The smallest unit is composed of a basicMANUFACTURED HOME living module with kitchen, dining, laundry, and bathrooms, with a bedroom module on the second floor. MEDIUM (3-4 PEOPLE) The medium sized unit is for a growing family. It adds to the small unit a master bed and bathroom module, a children’s rooms module, and a living room module. LARGE (5-6 PEOPLE) The largest unit is for big families with several children. Picking up where the medium unit left off, it adds yet another children’s rooms module, and an extra module for an office or playroom.
  6. 6. 1/8” SCALE HOUSE MODEL This physical model of a writer’s studio is constructed of stained basswood, acrylic, and cork board. The dimensions of the overall model ended up being around 3ft by 2ft.WRITER’S STUDIO
  7. 7. MONTESSORI SCHOOL MONTESSORI SCHOOL RENDERINGS These are some of the renderings for a montessori school house located in Chicago. The simple box form uses distinct material choices to indicate the seperate program areas within. The public spaces on the first floor are very open, while the learning areas on the second use a metal screen to provide privacy while allowing natural light. Greenwall areas house the art classrooms and encourage students to observe nature.
  8. 8. 1. WATERBUG AUTONOMOUS LIVING UNIT The goal for this project was to design a 100 square foot or less, autonomous, mobile living unit. The Waterbug is a lightweight adaptable home for one or two people that is also capable of gathering sunlight and water from the environment. Ideally to be used as a temporary home while travelling, the Waterbug includes a kitchen, bathroom (with shower), a convertible bed/table, and a patio. The resultant form of this house was inspired by concept automobile and aircraft designs.MOBILE LIVING UNIT 2. GREEN COMMUNITY LIVING Part of the vision for this project was that the house could inspire its own alternative living culture, where several people could set up near one another, forming a more modern and environmentally responsive community.
  9. 9. THE BEAN, CHICAGO Felt tip pen on paper LIFE SKETCH (MAN WITH IPOD)FREEHAND DRAWINGS Charcoal on paper
  10. 10. BOG NIGHT FREE FOOD & LIVE MUSIC Home SATURDAY, MAY 2ND FROM 8:00PM - 1:00AM EVENT WILL BE LOCATED IN THE BOG OPEN TO EVERYONE, NO FEE TO ENTERGRAPHIC DESIGN COME FOR FREE FOOD & LIVE MUSIC, DANCING, GAMES, BILLIARDS, DARTS, AND MORE! SEE YOU THERE... HOSTED BY THE SIGEPS FLIER FOR A CAMPUS SOCIAL EVENT The campus hangout at my AND CHICAGO (HOME) GRAPHIC I made this in my free time. I tried to express the things I love about Chicago--its SKULLS school is known as ‘the BOG’ monumental skyline and the organizational and so with this flier I decided grid which sometimes gets a little crazy to have some fun with that. within.
  11. 11. VIDEO WORK BRAINWASH CHICAGO (SHORT FILM) These are some frames from a video I made about Chicago. The idea behind the video is that everywhere you go in the city, the landscape is filled with an enormous amount of signage directing you where to go, how to act, and what to buy. We have grown so accustomed to this bombardment that we sometimes forget their influence upon us. In the video, I focus on these signs as a way of pointing out the degree to which our THE END actions are controlled by them.