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The Louis Bonduelle Foundation begins operations in Canada.

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Supported initiatives-canada-louis-bonduelle-foundation 01

  1. 1. Press Release THE LOUIS BONDUELLE FOUNDATION BEGINS OPERATIONS IN CANADA The Organization Devotes Its Efforts to Promoting the Benefits of VegetablesMontreal, January 25, 2011—After six years of activity in the European market, the Louis BonduelleFoundation has arrived in Canada. The organization, which does its utmost to promote the importanceof consuming more vegetables, has already begun to take concrete action here. In fact, the Foundationhas just delivered the first round of Canadian subsidies awarded under its “Call for Proposals” program.This international program is aimed at funding local initiatives that share a common goal: encouragingthe consumption of vegetables among target populations.Each year, dozens of organizations submit proposals as part of this program. The applications arecarefully evaluated by a jury based on a set of specific criteria, ranging from the originality of theproposed project to the number of people that it could potentially reach, as well as how rigorouslydesigned and relevant the initiative is. Since 2007, the Foundation has funded 58 organizations thathave been able to implement their projects as a result. This year, for the first time, Canadianorganizations were officially invited to submit applications, and ten out of a total of 22 approvedprojects are located here.The Foundation took advantage of its official Canadian launch on January 25 to announce the recipientsof its Call for Proposals subsidies. The organizations whose proposals were approved will share over$40,000 between them, enabling them to get their various projects underway.“It’s especially impressive to see the extent to which people active at the grass-roots level are driven bya clear vision and are demonstrating innovation and persistence,” emphasized Jérôme Bonduelle, ChiefOperating Officer, Bonduelle North America. “In this regard, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation plans tofoster initiatives that raise awareness about healthy eating, particularly those that encourage greaterconsumption of vegetables. We also plan to play a significant role in terms of sharing the latestinformation on vegetables, with the goal of making a tangible, lasting contribution to the health ofCanadians.”Under the direction of the Bonduelle Group, a global leader in the field of vegetable processing, theLouis Bonduelle Foundation’s mission is to promote the value of vegetables and foster long-termimprovement of eating habits by making vegetables serve the public good. It educates, raises awareness
  2. 2. and distributes information with the aim of helping to change people’s perception of vegetables anddaily behaviour.The Louis Bonduelle Foundation in Canada provides the public with a broad range of information onvegetables in a simple, practical format on its website, Inparticular, the site offers research papers and science news updates for health professionals, as well asprofiles of various vegetables, recipes and tips.Since it is vital that our understanding of health and nutrition continues to progress, especially withrespect to the relationships between eating habits, vegetables and health, the Louis BonduelleFoundation supports scientific research in Europe through the awarding of various prizes. What’s more,it co-founded and supports the Fondation Coeur et Artères, which develops research programs for theprevention of cardiovascular disease, as well as the Fonds Mondial de Recherche contre le Cancer (theFrench equivalent of the World Cancer Research Fund). Eventually, the Louis Bonduelle Foundationintends to develop similar initiatives in Canada. Its next Call for Proposals will be held in June 2011.